lucky day

its friday. friday is a lucky day for me for some reason, but today is especially so. for the last month my blog couldn't be found on google and today it comes up top of the list YAHOO. i am so happy.
from now on in, friday is going to be my special day of the week. i think i'll call it friday finds. so everyone can send photos of great finds they've had. you know maybe a great object from a skip or an attic or market or charity shop or even from lucy's. each month i'll give a prize to the best find.
i'm sooooo happy. i love you world wide web xx dee


jaboopee said...

good luck with your blogging deirdre,I love it.
So far so great!

jaboopee said...

Deirdre ,i've just entered the friday find competition over at my blog,
check it out and i'll see you on saturday ,good luck with the grand opening