The new lucy's

A massive renovation is going on at the shop and here's the story so far.

Welcome to Lucy's Lounge.

On a street where you live.



The shop is divided into 3 rooms.
This is the past housing our vintage clothes selection.

This room is the future.
A dystopian future.
It holds all trend led styles

The keeper at the gate.

The present.
A world of childlike charm.
Here we present our remade collection.

Also our free sewing classes.

Sewing is the new religion.
Such clear devotion.

 I've got my eye on you.


So many things collected over so many years.
I knew they'd come in handy one day.

The Queen.

I've found what I'm looking for.

28 years trading this year.

More of our upcycled range,

handbags influenced by Cecila

More upcycled goodies.

As we all work different days we leave little notes to share the news.

Galaxy the Guard dog.

“Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

I hope you can come and visit one day.

Dancing girls.


the 3 p's . pure proper and proud.

 So far this year I have tried to stick to my
punk not pussy motto.
It has been great.
  I have managed to find the balance 
between being creative, kind, and  helpful
and being respected, acknowledged and not taken advantage of.
I don't know about you,
 but I find that when you dress individually
 people treat you 
in a different way they do and say things that make me feel uncomfortable,
 things they wouldn't say to 'normal' looking people.

So having  a bit of punk has helped 
and without causing offense
 I have made people think before they engage.

Some examples 
are being asked - am I in fancy dress,
'god love you having to dress like that because you work here',
people taking my photo without asking my permission,
people bursting out laughing into my face.

An outfit I bought in San Francisco
last year.

As punk is becoming who I am I now feel time for another motto.
this time:
pure proper and proud.

Dress made by London based 
designer Ali Wall.

French night shirt from

My favorite new outfit .
Skirt very old,
Victorian, from Berlin.

Victim London dress.

Made by Victoria.

 I love the Zine Scene
so many talented artists,
providing their work that any pocket can afford.

poems and zines

Lou, organizer of the zine archive

the most beautiful books and Zines.

some great music

 One of my favorite artists 

A visit to 
in temple bar.

A lovely day spent with

                        The Irish Historical Costumers 

A great afternoon at