Guest post: Off to The London College Of Fashion!

Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca and i have recently just finished my work experience at Lucy's Lounge! I had such an amazing time and i have learned and gained so much! I walked into Lucy's extremely shy and wasn't 100 percent sure of what i wanted to do when i left school.
During my time at Lucy's i learned a lot of skills which led to me gaining confidence. I developed my own personal style at Lucy's and my love for vintage clothing grew more and more! The atmosphere is relaxing and there is a great buzz about the place! I loved getting to meet new people each day, everyone was so friendly which made my time there even more enjoyable.
When i finished my work experience at Lucy's i really knew  what i wanted to study when i left school and it really began to excite me! Fashion Journalism was exactly down my street! I recently went over for an open day to 'The London College Of Fashion!' I couldn't wait to visit the college and learn more  about the Fashion Journalism course! London is where i want to be!

Day 1: On my first day in London,  Camden Market was the first stop!
When i got off the train the sun was shining and the place was packed with tourists and street performers! There was a great vibe and atmosphere about the town that i just loved! As i walked down the streets of Camden i noticed that everyone had their own unique style, which was really  refreshing and inspiring. Each stall had something that caught my eye! I was in vintage heaven! There were stalls  of clothes which catered for all types of individual styles and tastes which i  found really interesting!

 I loved these elegant, feminine and colourful dresses, they caught everyone's attention as they walked by! 

I went into a shop that sold hats from all kinds of era's, and of course i couldn't resist myself..  i must of been in there for half an hour or more, it was so much fun! From funky to classy they had something to suit everyone!

How amazing is this painting?! I have never seen something like it before. It screamed passion and beauty!

After visiting Camden Market, Oxford Street was next on the cards! 
I just loved watching people as they walked by, gathering ideas and inspiration for outfits! I felt so happy, i truly felt like i belonged here! I met up with my auntie Melanie in Covent Garden  for coffee and a catch up, i filled her in on my exciting day!

Day 2: London College Of Fashion Open day!!! 
Here is a picture of me outside LCF!  When i arrived, i got a tour of the college and got a general feel of it. After the tour, I went into the talk for The Fashion Journalism course. I was extremely content with the information given  about the 3 year course and what context it involved. Everything interested me. LCF  really is the 'it' place to be to study fashion and with students travelling from all around the globe to study there really amazed me. I instantly fell in love with the college and the course and started to picture myself there! On the plane home i couldn't stop smiling. Over all i had such a great trip and it motivated me even more to work even harder, to make what i invision  become reality. 

the 3 p's . pure proper and proud.

 So far this year I have tried to stick to my
punk not pussy motto.
It has been great.
  I have managed to find the balance 
between being creative, kind, and  helpful
and being respected, acknowledged and not taken advantage of.
I don't know about you,
 but I find that when you dress individually
 people treat you 
in a different way they do and say things that make me feel uncomfortable,
 things they wouldn't say to 'normal' looking people.

So having  a bit of punk has helped 
and without causing offense
 I have made people think before they engage.

Some examples 
are being asked - am I in fancy dress,
'god love you having to dress like that because you work here',
people taking my photo without asking my permission,
people bursting out laughing into my face.

An outfit I bought in San Francisco
last year.

As punk is becoming who I am I now feel time for another motto.
this time:
pure proper and proud.

Dress made by London based 
designer Ali Wall.

French night shirt from

My favorite new outfit .
Skirt very old,
Victorian, from Berlin.

Victim London dress.

Made by Victoria.

 I love the Zine Scene
so many talented artists,
providing their work that any pocket can afford.

poems and zines

Lou, organizer of the zine archive

the most beautiful books and Zines.

some great music

 One of my favorite artists 

A visit to 
in temple bar.

A lovely day spent with

                        The Irish Historical Costumers 

A great afternoon at

vintage .... it's just a word.

 Vintage was not a word that described the clothes i wore 
20 years ago.
the word was there but my clothes were called second hand.
the word vintage irks me.

I looked it up 
the general explanation is items 20-25 years  and up to 90 years old.
after that its antique.
So, so far so good. 
From that explanation 
Its a  term that has come to great use in today's world
It helps to explain a selection of clothes i sell at my shop.

outfit no 5. 
Myself and Dandelion out for a night on the town.
dress Victim London.

 On Sunday i went to a  few flea markets

It was a true treasure hunt. 
It was on this trip i had an interaction which made me confront 
my dislike for the word vintage.
I saw a beautiful 80's jacket
I asked the girl how much it was.
e45 she replied.

I thought it was a bit pricey .
So i asked her why the expensive price. 

Her rely was 
'It's vintage'

outfit no 6.

Night dress as dress .
It's my obsession at the moment.

So there you go.
That brought me back to my dislike for that word.
Items should not be expensive because of their age.
maybe their exclusivity, the search that was involved in finding them 
or the materials that is used to make them
but not because the world vintage is attached to them.

 outfit no 7.
Floral pieces and dress from Lucy's lounge

I could go on about the word vintage,
but i'll save you the rant.
what do you think?

outfit no 8.
Tee shirt from Berlin customized to dress by Victoria.

outfit no 9.
Layers of clothes from various flea markets 
and charity shops.

A great event in london ,

Reused election poster.
I wonder will the candidate stick to theirs.


Street photography

A book i bought, worth checking out.