A month ago I turned 49 years old.
What an age to be, I feel 20 in my mind but my body says otherwise.
Just half a century on this planet, it's been great.
Tick tock, time is important and all those things I never did,
 I want to catch up on..
 Its 50 for 50:
50 new outfits to celebrate that big date,
and a list of 50 things i'd like to do.

Here's one I always wanted to get one of these turbans.
I was in Brixton in London and this lady made me one.
Price £15.

Outfit no 1.
Made by Victim London.

Outfit no 2 
Made by Victoria.
an Irish costume maker.

Outfit no 3
Made by Victoria.

Outfit no 4.

Outfit no 5.
Yet again Victoria.
I am keeping her in business.

A case for all my new clothes.

Super kimonos from this girl at the loft, Powerscourt.

Galway girls
jane o'sullivan (centre) celebrating her new amazing exhibition in Dublin.

Anne's stall at 
fusion market

I visited an amazing
private museum in London
I can't recommend it enough.

 amazing art

The artist Steven Wright.

That's temple bar!

Girls on the town.

Dublin's best dressed man.

My shop is in a part of Dublin, called Temple Bar.
It's right in the centre, It's a pedestrian zone, It's full of bars, restaurants, art gallery's.
a lot of people live there. 
Most of the shops are owner run and there is great camaraderie between us all.
I have traded here for the 26 years .
I love it. 
However the media gives it such a hard time.
Always reporting on crime and exaggerating the level of disruption in the area.
How they portray it is not what I see.
One of our Irish writers brendan behan coined a phase 
+$%&^ the begruggers. 
How appropriate. 
When people hear the bad things they say 'That's Temple Bar'.

So here you go 'That's Temple Bar'
All the great things about it!

Always busking 

The Viking's are invading.
Colourful characters.

Just done. Repainted hotel.
Visual delights.

Irish music artists at the music centre.
supporting Irish talent.

Lovely walkways,

 Meeting House Square.
What a great name.

Temple Bar on Patrick's Day.

rooftop view

where to go

out of their man shed.




A retrospective of a year.

Spring is here and i am back to life again.
last year was a very hard year.
on Patrick day 2013 I made a decision to take on the coffee shop in our building.

spring colours

our lovely coffee shop.

homemade food.

freshly made juice.

sadly our coffee shop was not to be.

so much hard work, long days, and constant cleaning. 

but there is life after ...

 So now rather than cutting and putting together
clothes on the floor of our shop we have a workshop.

this is what we make .

an outfit for a hair show.

re working aran jumpers

spare a penny, guv

special orders

our customers.

a project for the summer.

a smile from circus.

waiting for delivery.

lovely cafe in our art collage