That's temple bar!

Girls on the town.

Dublin's best dressed man.

My shop is in a part of Dublin, called Temple Bar.
It's right in the centre, It's a pedestrian zone, It's full of bars, restaurants, art gallery's.
a lot of people live there. 
Most of the shops are owner run and there is great camaraderie between us all.
I have traded here for the 26 years .
I love it. 
However the media gives it such a hard time.
Always reporting on crime and exaggerating the level of disruption in the area.
How they portray it is not what I see.
One of our Irish writers brendan behan coined a phase 
+$%&^ the begruggers. 
How appropriate. 
When people hear the bad things they say 'That's Temple Bar'.

So here you go 'That's Temple Bar'
All the great things about it!

Always busking 

The Viking's are invading.
Colourful characters.

Just done. Repainted hotel.
Visual delights.

Irish music artists at the music centre.
supporting Irish talent.

Lovely walkways,

 Meeting House Square.
What a great name.

Temple Bar on Patrick's Day.

rooftop view

where to go

out of their man shed.





Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

Looks delightful. I only wish I were able to visit. Terrific lively photos.
Barbara @

thorne garnet said...

looks like my kind of place!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Why can't people lay off the dragging down of a city's bohemian quarters? It's because they want everything gentrified and sterile with enormous rents in place to evict the amazing tenants who inject the city with its life blood. I'm sick of seeing it happening everywhere. Here in Brisbane, highrise apartments and shops were built in inner city Fortitude Valley, a vibrant, eclectic, volatile, artistic, musical centre. Then the new residents started complaining about the noise. Keep recording these images Dee, they are precious as who knows, the landscape may be a lot different in five years! I always love seeing your customers :) xoxo

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