A retrospective of a year.

Spring is here and i am back to life again.
last year was a very hard year.
on Patrick day 2013 I made a decision to take on the coffee shop in our building.

spring colours

our lovely coffee shop.

homemade food.

freshly made juice.

sadly our coffee shop was not to be.

so much hard work, long days, and constant cleaning. 

but there is life after ...

 So now rather than cutting and putting together
clothes on the floor of our shop we have a workshop.

this is what we make .

an outfit for a hair show.

re working aran jumpers

spare a penny, guv

special orders

our customers.

a project for the summer.

a smile from circus.

waiting for delivery.

lovely cafe in our art collage


Hannah Murphy said...

The bandage dress is fab, I love it! The cafe looks so cute, I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out :( Beautiful pictures too!


PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love places with little cafes, but so much work! All the designs look fantastic.

thorne garnet said...

well, Hello to you! Sorry about the cafe, it looked so cool.

But a workshop? To sew and make things in? Even cooler!!!I want one, but , wait a minute, I have one!!

Melaina25 said...

Thanks for linking up! Please add the badge or link to your post.

✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

Forest City Fashionista said...

Lucy, I'm so sorry the Cafe did not work out, especially after you put so much time and effort into it. I think a workshop where you can re-make or make fun clothing like the cage dress is a great idea.

pastcaring said...

Oh that is a shame, the cafe looked so pretty, but yes, hard hard work and very long hours. Using the space for a workshop is a great idea. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I'm truly sorry the cafe didn't work out, I've always really loved the look of it, the attention to detail, the food and drink, the menus. Thank you for sharing more pics of it before it closed, I would have visited you every single day for a morning coffee and a snifter of something yummy. But look at the work that's being turned out in your new workshop! My goodness what talent you're nurturing! You are my absolute hero!!! So lovely to see you and Circus and I'm so very happy to see you here once more:) xoxoxo

Jet Kuhn said...

I'm truly sorry the cafe didn't work out. It looked like just the type of place I would frequent if I lived there. And I know too well the sadness related to closing a biz. But like the phoenix you rose from the ashes with an amazing workshop! Such creations! The cage dress reminds me so of a dress I designed & sold oh so many years ago in the 80s, but mine was of course more of its time. This one and all the other creations look truly divine as do your lovely customers! Doggie is beautiful, what a smile of delight on his face! You look fantastic, so springy! (Hoping we actually get a spring here in NY!) Hubby has been informed that first stop whenever we do get to Dublin is your shop, even before I see the statue of my ancestor! It so reminds me of my flea market & shop days yet is as truly unique as you! XXX Jet

jimbo said...

Great blogs Dee so glad your back on here writing and posting your lovely pictures.. it was great to see you this Sunday we have to do lunch. Ann Xxx