bad day.

if you are feeling down can i advise you [for your own health] to stop reading now.
i am going to whine a lot for this post.
yesterday someone came to the shop and stole my purse. it was at the end of the day when i was finishing up. i went upstairs to say goodbye to tia [sesi owner]. came back down to lucy's, started to collect my belongings and realised my purse with everything in it was gone. i didn't leave it lying around, it was tucked out of sight in my cabinet.
then started that mad frenzy, did i put it here? did i go there? tearing the place asunder, that pain in my chest, the panic. half an hour later coming to the conclusion ITS GONE.
i really feel like such a fool. i'm a bit long in the tooth not to be so more security concious. however i hate all that locking things away business and i want to trust people, it's the way i want to live. i suppose everything has a price.
i know i shouldn't let what happened overshadow how i feel, that the person took the money and i shouldn't let them also take away a day that would otherwise be a very happy day for me. i did feel pissed off today and thats why there are no other photos. thats mainly what i'm annoyed about.
anyhow i did a big dash to aldi just before it closed . i got a selection of 5 different chocolates so i'm off to bed now to gorge it all. i hope i eat so much that the chemicals in the choclate erases my bad memory and i wake up tomorrow "to a new dawn, a new day, and i'll be feeling good"
on a better note, i'd like to say hi to all the danish students who were in dublin for the last week. they were all so nice and chirpy and looked like fashion models. i hope you all had a great time.


dee said...
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jaboopee said...

poor deirdre :o(
That's terrible, at least there is always chocolate!

The Josie Baggley Company said...

There once was a thief who had NO BELIEF in all that was TRUE & DEEP;
The thief stole away Lucy's payday & the SHAME will surely KEEP.
But Lucy's Lounge will not alter its MODE
for the sake of a thief with

To Dee

Erik Eblana said...

My gawd! How terrible D. And remember we were talking, when I was in, about karma and superstition and all! That bl**dy satchel has a lot to answer for. Hope you're enjoying the chemicals from the choclate, but being from Aldi, they're probably slow-release combinations, so it'll hit you tomorrow in the shop! (God only knows what wonderful costume you'll don with Aldi chocolate infuencing you ;)
See you Sunday for a natter in da kitchen, in da house.

Aden Meyler said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your bag was stolen. I love the poem that Rainey posted. I hope that keeps your trust in humanity going!