best laid plans of mice and men..... outfit no 17

what a day!! i came into the shop today full of gusto ready to tidy the place
it looked like a bomb had hit it. everything was going fine until i found a flyer about
'a showcase of sculpture' based on Alice in wonderland by an artist called piper.
it was in the temple bar gallery, at he end of the road from Lucy's.
'I'll close the shop for 5 minutes and go and have a look' i thought to myself
2 hours later i get back to my Lucy! the exhibition was amazing. i wasn't the only guilty party. i told rainey from sesi [ground floor shop] off she toddled leaving me to look after the 2 shops.
only when she came back she arrived with an entourage that included the artist.
of course that was the end of the big tidy up!
THEN just as everything was calming down and maybe a bit of work could be done in walks
i am sworn to secrecy about all his different schemes and plans but just let me say if they
come to fruition[which i know they will], DUBLIN BEWARE.
what i can say is he looks so suave in the vintage suit he purchased.
the jacket of which he is modelling below.
erik told me he was having 'a day of total involvement '


The Josie Baggley Company said...

What can I say but blurt out the truth...We three are just tooo damn SEXY! that is why we have all these FABULOUS quirkies visiting the Pink Building.We are Charlie's Angels.....I wanna be Kelly!! I think it is FAB that my Alice's T-Shirt turned into a kind of Pied PIPER thing eh ?eh? What do ya think of THAT missus? What a great day! Come on in everyone- never know WHAT might happen in Lucy's and SE SI ! Anyone going to the BURLESQUE BALL Sat Week ???-come in and find your gladrags. I'm going so what about you Dee of the sexy layer look? See you in shop on Sat. Rainey

jaboopee said...

sounds like you were having a brillant day of total involvement too!

total involvement rocks.

Aden Meyler said...

Lucy! Another great outfit. Can't wait to come with my crew and visit your shop. I hope that I'll be able to find something for the "traditionally built".

Just love that you went to the exhibit instead of doing your tidying up. Just goes to show you that "dull people have immaculate houses"

Aden Meyler said...

Oops! Sorry Dee!

Erik Eblana said...

My day of total involvement evolved into one of the best this year. What a grand place that old Georgian house on Fownes Street is turning out to be -and only echoing what it was probably like 200 years ago -a great mix of Dublins best.