outfit no 22 i like grey

i love the color grey but grey doesn't like me. it is a very draining colour. you really need to wear make up with it but i never wear make up. i just never got the hang of it. i love when i see people who are very creative with the colours hey put on their face. my problem is i always rub my eyes so the eyeshadow gets smudged. the long waistcoat is from topshop. the dress from brown Thomas. my hat i have for 20 years or more. i really hope i never lose it.

a special thanks to Elaine from jabopee for the great picture she made for me.


jaboopee said...

grey does love you , and in fact it loves you very much.

You are so welcome , I had such fun making it and imagining your howls of delight when you saw that the picture was actually for you.

Mum Gone Mad said...

I like grey too, although probably not as much as black :) I never wear make up unless I am off out with the girls, strange that. Although I did used to be a bit of an eyeliner queen as a teenager x