outfit no 22

sinead & lidice
west is best
lidice is from cuba.
my lovely friend valentina, so happy to see her back from Uraguay.
watch out for an amazing range of clothes 'adevedo' she has coming out.

becky & cathrine from wexford.
oh the secrets of henrietta street!

'what is interesting in the desert'

this is an outfit i have for many years.
the dress is vintage its a long beautiful piece of lace.
the skirt is from an english designer, christa davis.
blouse from a shop which is now closed down but sold amazing clothes, does anyone remember Platform?

i had great news on lucy's today, a film crew came to the shop to shoot a piece for a failte ireland ad. what an exciting experience they filmed for a half an hour.
i wonder will lucy's appear on telly.


Mum Gone Mad said...

Love the dress, my daughter would be in heaven if she owned a clothes shop... dressing up every day lol. Hope you're having a good weekend luv Karen x

jaboopee said...

I don't remember platform but i remember platforms!
you were a lovely irish princess today .

sparklicous said...

hey. hope you had a good time in the market on sunday and picked up lots of bargins. i got loads of cool stuff, so much fun. gonna try to fix up the white jacket with the polka dots for the tea party on sunday, so see you then!

tracey said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love your style! My house is quite colourful, eclectic and quite quirky - but as much as I would love to dress that way, I just can't carry it off. So, well done to you! Wish I had the courage.