a few of my favorite things

i have today off, so there is no photos of Lucy's friends
so i thought I'd show close up photos of my favorite pieces

this bag was beautifully painted by hannin.
different pictures on both side.

the bag is 60's black leather.

this bag i love so much i never use. I'm so afraid of getting it dirty.
i hang it on the wall.
i bought it in London from an unknown young designer in portobello market.

another London purchase from spitafields market
hand drawn.

this is my favorite dress of all time i bought it when i was 18.
i was travelling around Europe on an inter rail ticket.
i ended up in Yugoslavia, Dubrovnik, now Croatia.
a very beautiful place. while there i ran out of money.
my shoes broke i had them tied together with string.
i got the train to Paris to head home. I'd £10 in my pocket. with a day to spend in Paris i decided to go to the flea market to buy some shoes. while looking through the amazing stalls
i spied this dress. it was £10.
it was food, shoes, bed for the night, emergency money OR this dress.
well you know which one i picked.
i got to London in my bare feet, starving but so happy.
i have so many happy memories in this dress, i hope one day to find another one like it.

these 2 pictures are of the outfit i wore on Sunday. however the photo
was so bad. i couldn't show it. so here's the garments
a beautiful vintage kimono and a pink silk dress.


jaboopee said...

I love this peek into your favorite things and I love the story attached to the purchasing of the dress..I'd like to hear some of the happy memories in it stories too !
It's a really lovely idea to see all of your favourite things and the stories behind them .
You'll have to blog 7 days a week now!

littlebit said...

Terrific story about the dress!! I can just picture you - hungry - shoeless - but you know what you still have the dress (what is it now 10 years later?!?)...and you still love the dress, sure what would you need food for.

Tania said...

Now that is a dress! And with a wonderful history attached. I'm going to make a wild assumption - it wasn't a London winter, right?

(Hey, thanks for stopping by!)