outfit 41

Lauriane & Sarah
'let the good times roll'

'treat life like a pair of shoes....
and wear 'em till the rain gets in'.

modelling a beautiful white dress.

'your not here for along time, your here for a good time'.

an absolute mad woman.

Paola & Daniela
'life is beautiful'

'loves most faithful advocate'

a lovely Irish Coleen.


Jane said...

I like your shop.everything looks so beautiful.what a wonderful that Open a shop like one.

jaboopee said...

I'm glad to see your back and are doing your homework. You can go to the top of the class now again.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Heaven! I spent the last five minutes trying to shop those rails from here...

Fine Little Day said...

Looks like a nice shoop!

Tia said...

Ohhh we`re counting down the days till our visit Dee :0) Aideen is SO thrilled you emailed her...shes talked about it ALL morning !!! Shes writing you a letter, so expect some post early next week...have a great day, hugs Tia