outfit no 66-71

outfit no 70 , i have worn 70 different outfits in the last 4 months.
i feel great, i look mad but i feel great.
the last few outfits have gone a bit close to the bone and
the creativity is gone a tad out the window.
i really don't know if i would wear some of these outfits again
[the ones I'm wearing in the last week]
i have to say its great.
its all written down with comments from all over the world.
i feel very sentimental, i may even shed a tear.
wow! I'm happy.
i hope one day to have a clothes addict grand daughter or son to show this blog to.
a big thank you to blogger.
and its 8 more outfits to go.......
a massive thanks to everyone who has commented and followed.

no 65
I'm unsure about this one
in principal i should love it, i love flowers, i love red.

maybe its the pose that's putting me off this.
i think i was in full flight of ' TIDY UP YOUR ROOM'
before this photo was taken.

why am i standing here for every photo?

this was an outfit i loved.
the dress i bought in Berlin while on holidays.
after one wear i washed it and left it to dry indoors. rainy Ireland.
my mad dog speedy got his claws & jaws into it & ate it.
the back is all patchwork.
the dog was in patchwork too!!

not my finest moment.

as part of a preview of what my blog will have in it after June 17.
I'm doing a kinda out and about in Dublin, Lucy's style

so this was a visit to Christ church cathedral in Dublin.
they were showing Nosferatu,
a silent, black& white vampire movie c.1922
it had a live accompaniment on the church organ
this guy David Brigg played brilliantly.
a great night.

the organ

inside the church.

on Sunday i went to a vintage car show.
it was on in mosney co meath.
i love these shows people showing off their pride and joy.
everyone is very friendly.
my favorite vehicles are trucks.
this one is Irish made.

this is a van from the electricity board.
60's or 70's
its in mint condition.

inside a truck that a was a museum and a workshop!

close up of his work.
miniature steam engines.

oops! please turn your head.

my favorite.

inside the wrapping at the back is a caravan.

another film mad customer.

just finished the leaving

my neighbour George

this girl mad this gorgeous necklace.

beautiful dancer

visiting from Mexico.

summer holidays are here.

Hannah & Rebbecca.

best friends

'we are family'

'they don't sell clothes in Sweden, so i must buy everything'
they did -Lucy

'travelling the world for 4 years heading home now,
but i had to visit the best shop in the world, first.

Denise, Becca, Jess
'you are therefore i am'


jaboopee said...

dee, there's so much to look at there ,i'm going to come back for another look later, love the vintage fair and nosferatu at christchurch , sounds brillant i never heard about that!
love your outfits ,70 alreadY ? how many left?
can't wait to have a proper chat with you. its been tooo tooooo long.

Aden Meyler said...

I hope I haven't missed your birthday?! If I have...Happy Birthday Dee!!! If I haven't, please ignore last comment.

The outfits you wear are amazing and creative! I think a lot about sewing clothes, but I don't collect clothes. I think I'm happiest as long as I don't see pictures of myself and when my clothes are comfortable.

Nosferatu in Christchurch...my son would have loved to go...except junior cert comes first.

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Great to see you having fun with your blog ... love the upside down trunk!!! lol

Looking forward to seeing more :)

Sonia Luna said...

Wow, you do get around don't you!
Nosferatus in Christchurch, wonderful, I didn't know they do that kind of thing there, must have been a great treat!
Love the vintage truck fair ... if I ever decide to get on the road a van will be the only way to go!
I will be in town tomorrow ... I think, will you be in the shop, do you want coffee?

verity lovely said...

i think i love your blog very merry much,i would like to meet you for tea and cakes.

verity lovely said...

PS tea and cakes of the highest order,
cream, sugar , and lots and lots of chocolate.

i love your blog , i think you should do two posts a week, one from your trip aroundabout and the other from your shoparoundabout.

i love to see what your gettin up to.

Sonia Luna said...

Hallo Dee ... so sorry I've only seen your comment now, I won't be able to meet you 'cause I won't be in town after all, I was up all night with the most awful migraine, I need some sleep, I'm so exhausted I'm almost in tears ... going to lie down in a darkened room and try to get some much needed sleep!Have a good day off!

Del C ... ★ said...

Yes , you have worn a lot of outfits! That's like triple of what i have in my wardrobre!!


My blog: http://the-rr-blog.blogspot.com

5ft Inf said...

Hi there...I've ben away from the blogging for a little while, but I absolutely LOVE the post box!!! It's fantastic. May I feature the picture on my blog too, with a link to yours? I particularly like the red splodge. I also really like the out and about stuff your doing, and thanks for all your lovely comments recently
x Philippa

Lucy (The Fashion Setter) said...

I love Dublin... you're so lucky to live there!
Lucy =)

Lyndi said...

Hi Dee, sorry I didn't get to drop in & show you my dress this weekend:( I'll try to get into town next Saturday. Love your shop & the blog, take care, love Lyndi x

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Hey D! Have a great birthday on Wednesday! I hope you get spoiled, you deserve to! :)

Sarah said...

I looooooove outfit number 65, the one with the red skirt and drapey flowery top.
I love red and flowers too (:

Chrissy said...

Oh my what a post...but the thing that caught my eye was the cathedral, we went there, it is stunning!!! Hope this finds you well,you and all your outfits!!! Chrissy

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Thanks for some lovely comments Sweetiepie ... Yes, am off on holiday tonight but have scheduled some posts to go out whilst I'm away. Never tried this before so fingers crossed.

Hope you have a great b/day and post and tell us all about it!!! : )