life after 78 outfits

so here i am writing after my 4 month experience
of a different outfit every day.
i am doing a kinda Lucy's days out.
out and about around Ireland.
so lets see how it goes...

this is Conrad he was my editor but now hes my photographer.
he accompanies me on my out and about trips.

we started off in Collins barracks
a museum in Dublin

i love this truck. this one i want.

the backside of the truck.

this looks like a modern sculpture but it s actually an engine.

aren't they so gorgeous and cuddly.

on another day we went to wexford in the south east of Ireland.

a lot of Dublin people go there on holidays & i am one of them.
there's lovely beaches. the sun seems to shine a lot.
best of all is this great antique shop.
owned by a Friend of mine called paddy.

not the opening hours

i told ya no need for heat the sun shines all the time.

new rules

i bought this car.

and was tempted by this slot machine.

lots of beautiful junk.

plus transport home

finding our way on the winding road.

more to choose from.

and only the best will do.

the shop itself.

2 sales assistants

go visit, its on the wellington bridge road from wexford
watch out for the signs.


littlebit said...

I love the look of that shop. May just pay it a wee visit ...

I_am_Tulsa said...

What a treasure chest! Looking forward to more posts!

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

What a very funny site you have here... I mean that in a very positive way, as in magnificenty quirky. You are a very fine character, Lucy, one I'd like to meet one day, and maybe I'd get my photo taken and be enshrined on Lucy's Wall of Fine Visiters... Bravo!

eadaoin said...

Hi Honey I love the blog. Its made me smile. and I recognised my big backside!

jaboopee said...

that picture of finding our way on the winding road is just the best
ever .

nicedaydesigns said...

What a great blog! I'm now going to be your latest follower. I'm really excited about going to your shop now after watching your great little video, it looks fantastic!! I'd say I'll be up getting more supplies pretty soon as I've got a pretty big order at the moment.
I'll make sure to say hello-ha in introduce my self when I'm there

Cheryl said...

I enjoyed the movie. Your shop looks like a wonderland of beautiful and interesting things, a great place to explore. And I loved your outfits! What a fun idea.

Anonymous said...

I love clothes, vintage clothes I love even more...
You have a new fan :)
Thank you for peeking at my blog, please stop by anytime!

ps if you ever need someone to model and photograph your "wares" don't be afraid to ask :)

Tia said...

Hi Dee :)
Sorry I havent emailed, I had an accident (fractured skull) but am on the mend...Aideen (my 11 year old) is DYING to get into your shop with me...she adores old fashioned clothes, she doesnt dress for "fashion" just a real unique sense of self ! You can see pics of her on my blog (Tias Time)...loving all the photos ,especially of Wexford (my home county) ,take care , enjoy the sun and cant`wait to see/meet you :) Tia