talent show 2010

oops so sorry Elaine.
this photo is sideways.
another masterpiece from ms prunty.


kindred spirit.

another winner

hassan sorry again.

the judges

food glorious food

beautiful flowers from Judith

a friend indeed....

and the winner is.


jaboopee said...

the nutstown talent show is just about the best fun a person can get .....and you and rory made this one the best ever , i am so happy to be the queen prizewinner and so sorry that my effort was much better than rorys handmade desk [even though it clearly wasn't]
i'm making you a little treat for being the hostess with the very very mostest. i think your birthday is coming up quite soon ?????
thanks so much for a great day.
ps i am very glad the photo is sideways. please don't change it

littlebit said...

another wonderful fun filled afternoon at nutstown!! Being a judge was so hard - I wanted everyone to win. Thanks for having us and we are already looking forward to next year.

Ciara said...

SO sorry we missed it!! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

I'm already practicing for next year...

Ps. Elaine? Did I ever tell you how much I ADORE that lampshade extraordinaire? Really? Never? Well...

Aden Meyler said...

Wow Dee! Thanks again for the invitation and it looks like we missed a whole lot of fun! I truly think you're my kind of people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps there will be another chance to redeem myself next year ;). xx Aden

Anonymous said...

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