lucy's goes on holidays

so the Summer is and we decided to take a break.
off we went to London
we took a stall at brick lane up market.
its in an old brewery warehouse.
we brought all our designer clothes along.
what a day!
'oh i hate shopping'

how could you refuse to buy something from this girl.
i got a lovely headband.

a room with a view.

nice bikes.

great sounds.

yummy food.

a cap with these feathers would be great.

so many people.

bemused buyers.

the competition.

so unfair !!
the stall opposite us.
i HAD to break my diet.

more customers.

setting up.

arriving at 7am.

just like our opening hours.

i want to be a devil.

guess who bought the dress on this mannequin?

the dawn before the storm.

if i only had wings.

friendly faces at the airport.

my stall.


Donal. said...

You had a stall at Brick Lane! thats amazing! How dd it turn out? i love the vintage stalls there :)

Sonia Luna said...

Lucy's Lounge on tour, excellent!
I like the new blog background.

Edana said...

That looks deadly. Loads of interesting sites I bet. Will see you this Thursday with some secret keeper books