october already!!!

how fast this year has flown in.
in September we took part in the flea market . we had our sewing circle.
we redecorated the ground floor.
lots of new people have joined Lucy's, bringing in fresh talent.
here's some photos of people who visited us and events.
oh yeah we won an award from Dublin city council!!
oh the first photo just happens to be of me!!!
how did that happen.
Marco customized this outfit for me.
fit for a queen.

some items we sold at the flea.
a very happy customer.
he bought 5 things.

Polish posters to a polish poser!!

what a man!!

winner of a style award from the evening herald

polish journalist .

a friend from times past.

oh la la.

winner of ladies day.

you can join our flock.
a group in arrnotts .
but I'm sure they'd love to visit us.

me again!!

another happy customer .

i like it.

Kim. you hear her sing at Lucy's on her random visits.
she especially asks for a 60's CD.

sleeping beauty.

you too can have a beard like me.

fishing out the cash.


two french beauties.
lock up my sleeping beauty.

this lady always wears the most beautiful clothes.

another happy customer.


our sewing circle it was more like a triangle.
one person turned up.
cathriona was the hostess.


jaboopee said...

hewllo there you, and your back too .....
i get the impression rory really didn't want to sell that machine...he's hanging onto it for dear life...

if you'd told me you were doing flea i would have dropped everything and actually left the house...

sewing triangles are the new sewing circles....

you look beautiful as always

Amg-Arts said...

Hey Lucy to get your space featured on 'Where People Create'

Just email me at: amgartstudios@gmail.com


Tool Boxes said...

I check your blog once in a while and always find interesting reading!