bennettsbridge folk museum

my dream for a long time is to have a museum.
 i collect so many pieces my house is full. it would be great to find a place to share them with the world.
every year i visit Seamus lawlors place in kilkenny.
at the back of his house in a big shed he has a museum.
this visit is the high light of my year.
the man is an inspiration.
he has so many items he's collected over the years.
although a lot of what he has is not my style .
i still appreciate it and i love the set up he has.

he is full of character.

he inspires me to continue on and maybe one day....

a minder at the museum.
i love the notes he puts on certain pieces.
Seamus lawlor.


jaboopee said...

i can't wait to visit the deirdre macken musuem. I hope you will be giving guided tours.

jaboopee said...

ps. wheres the video?