mama told me there'd be days like this.

It rained all day today in Dublin.
I took it as a chance to wear my lovely Vivienne Westwood coat.
my outfit today is called  Wanted.
I lived in London for 5 years when i was 18.
I loved it . London is my second home.
I visit about 10 times a year.

When i lived there I always went to the kings road. 
during the 80's it was a great place to see style.
worlds end was a shop i always visited.
I bought this coat there about 2 years ago.
a dream realised.
I always wanted a piece from this shop.
I'm not really into labels it could be bargain bucket or haute couture 
I don't care as long as i love it.
This shop was part of the world that shaped my theories and love for clothes.

I got this bag customised for my 40th by a customer called Hannin.
she is a girl who's style i love . it's really individual and happy.

I'm  Gemini so she painted both sides, ladies.

 Boots,  top shop.

Turban hat with hat pin which has been in my 
jewellery box for so long I don't know where I got it.

 It was miserable today .
2pm in the shop and no customers.
I sat on the chair and added up all the bills
 i'd to 
pay in the next few hours .
supplier, wages, painter , car mecahnic 
and a coat i had seen during my lunch break.

Then this russian princess came, tried on some outfits
and bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes.
Even if she hadn't bought anything i had fallen in love.
she is a hat designer in russia and was on holiday in dublin.

uk visitor.

This regular customer remarked she had a
pain in her face from smiling, after her visit to the shop.

A princess from paris.
She made purchases which assured 
us of our friday evening night out.
and to top  it all
the shop selling my new coat
said I could swap clothes for it.

I got home to this lovely collection from edie.

and some wisdom from circus.

my mama told me there'd  be days like this....
days of wonder ,delight, magic and rain.
A day at Lucys.

i'm at 2 great parties today
visable monday
thank you to both ladies for inviting me .
its a great showcase . with great bloggers.
pop over.


Melanie said...

Magic day! Rescue.

Sara said...

That coat is marvelous and I dig the personalized purse. :D Very neat. I love to see all of your customers, too!

Sacramento Amate said...

In love with your bag, and everything about you, my dearest Lucy.

Frocktasia said...

Your customers are amazingly stylish. I'd love to come to your shop one day. I've never been to Ireland, so a visit is definitely on my to do's just a case of finding the time and the money :)
Today's ensemble is stunning, I love the spectacular Viv Westwood coat. I can just imagine an 18 year old you tearing down the Kings Road, hanging with the cool kids and looking fabulous. Have you any photos from that time? I'd love to have a peek ;)
The bag is amazing and I love how she decorated both the sides cause you are a gemini (same as my hubby). It truly is a piece of useful art, love it...xXx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that everything arrived but I'm sorry to see that the paper is bended, I hope you can fix them!
I'm happy that you are wearing my same topshop boots, I really love them and I wear them often!
Your fur coat is beautiful and so the dress and the customized bag! I really love London too, i'd love to go there soon, probabily we can go together, I'll let you know so you can tell me the best places to go shopping!
Your customers always make me smile and I'm sure to experience the same feeling of that girl if I only could come to your shop!
Love xxxxx

Jet Kuhn said...

That World's End coat is to die for, I'm glad you sprang for it! We must've lived in London at the same time! I worked in Kensington Market for a friend's stall, Fetisch or Die, all rubber clothing. Oh my London memories are so precious to me.I usually get there twice a year, but since things have been so hard in NY I haven't been for a few years and I'm jonesing for a visit! What fabulous clothes in the shop, I'd be tempted to wipe you clean! Glad you're getting a deal on your coat! Now I want to see your Sassy Vamps headband! I'm sure you'll look glorious! XXX Jet

Miss Simmonds Says said...

It's great to treat yourself, especially when it's something really special. The coat is fantastic, so unusual. Your customers always look amazing.

Vix said...

The story of the Russian lady buying in bulk made my day! I can't wait to see your new coat - if it's only a fraction of the gorgeousness of your Viv coat it'll be fabulous!
Love that bag and I nearly bought those clog boots from Topshop until I realised I couldn't walk in them!
Love Edie's parcel! xxx

Patti said...

Thanks for sharing your Very Good Day Indeed with Visible Monday, Lucy. xxx

DC in STYLE said...

This clutch is so beautiful-real piece of art!!!! By the way I'm hosting a link up party and would love to see your look there!

Helga! said...

O, what an awesome post!!!
YAY for fabulous customers, and double YAY for your fabulous shop, which clearly sent her into a shopping frenzy!!!
You look frigging amazing. I'm quite besotted with your style!
You were asking how many frocks I have?! I have no idea, but a lot. And loads in suitcases I've grown out of.......I do intend to do a tour of my dressing/sewing room, I just need some better lighting. It used to be a dark lounge, now it's my dark boudoir! I am getting that sorted slowly....and then I will expose ALL!!!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I guess that Madame Westwood wants people like you to wear her clothes.

grunge-queen said...

Amazing coat, Lucy, and so wonderful that it holds so much meaning for you. I love the purse, so arty and almost folky. Of course you're Gemini (I am too) - so many wildly creative people are, I find. I think the art of trading should be revived more. xo

LPC said...

Game of Thrones!

Kelly Roy said...

Hi there in Dublin from Greece.great style and very individual you are having.Bussiness seems to be going bad all over Europe.I hope we'll take out revenge soon.