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Hi, Cassandra is here ! As every wednesdays I'm here to give you a little french point of view of Dublin, and to show you some clothes from the Lucy's Basement. This is the Dresses week. Summer is coming (I hope it will !) so why not going out for festivals? For a walk ? Since a few days the Gatsby style is trendy, that's why we decided to show you some Gatsby style clothes.  

 We went to the Christ Church with Lili. It's a very nice place where you can sit, have a drink. You can also visit the church which is open everyday. Today it wasn't because of an exhibition. This lovely festival dress is available for €25, belt for €5 and hairband for €5 as well. 

 You can't be in a bad mood with such a colorful dress. Available for €25. Hairband for €4 and necklace for €10

 This is really a festival look. I love it. What do you think ? Jumper, €30, Skirt for €12. Necklace €10, hairband €10. Enjoy !

 Here is the Gatsby style. We are in the St Patrick Cathedral which is very nice. Irish People are so lucky to have parks. There are so many parks to visit here, green landscape, fountains... 

 Dress €35, Turban €8, necklace for €20

 Hair in the wind ! 

 Dress €25, glitter jacket for €45, head piece €22

 Totally Gatsby ! St Patrick Cathedral in the front. 

 Dress for €25, Boa €10, Necklace for €10 and hat for €40

 Pretty Lili is the queen of the day with all the dresses. 

 Dress €12, gloves €5, Hairband made by Bernie ! €20.

 Dress €25, necklace €10. Why being complicated when we can be simple ?

 Fresh and cool style. Jacket for €50, dress €25, hair piece €8

 Who says St Patrick says green ! Pretty St patrick girl, isn't it ?

Dress €25, necklace €20. 

Like I said before, Dubliners are so lucky to have many parks. It is like a little peace place in the middle of the jungle. Quiet, peaceful, we can hear the birdsong., and even take a nap. Is there more places to discover here in Dublin ? I think so. See you next week and I hope you enjoyed. You can find all the dresses in Lucy's lounge, come and visit us. 


PinkCheetahVintage said...

LOVE all the park pics and the dresses are fantastic!!! Great pics!
Becky :)

Sacramento Amate said...

She is like a youger You, dear lucy.

Vix said...

You make a fabulous model, Cassandra! So many lovely things to tempt us with. x

pastcaring said...

So many lovely things, and great Dublin backdrops. Love the fringed dress and the little turquoise and green 60s numbers. xxx

thorne garnet said...

these post are so cool. But I have one question: where does the model change clothes?

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Hope that your store is open in July, dear Lucy :-) ?

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Yes, suddenly we had booked a few nights in Dublin. We that would be stingy because we have recently been in Florence ... hmm. Looking forward!