lucy loves cafe irie. the coffee shop.

 My  outfit today is my favourite dress. 
It is made from old lace and wedding dresses.
I bought it from a designer in London
called Victim.
I have a good few dresses from this girl,
all her clothes are made from vintage fabric. 
The photo is at the beach in Wexford .
I took some photos for melanie
however I didn't feel happy enough with them to send for her magazine.

My post today is about my journey to become a coffee shop owner.

If you are thinking of opening  a coffee shop,
my advise is don't.
It is such hard work.
We took  it over on St. Patricks day and spent the next 6 weeks
redecorating and rejigging.
4 weeks ago we opened.
Every week has been a massive learning curve.
The amount of guidelines and rules you have to follow is to put it nicely    very trying.
The amount of money you have to spend to reach and maintain these standards is unbelieveable.
In ireland we are in the midst of a bad recession.
Our government is anti business, they give no assistance to small operators like myself .
They see opening a business as another opportunity to impose more taxes.
Anyhow I could rant on 
but I won't.
Enjoy my photos and I hope you can come and visit some time.

The last few weeks have been great and we are being repaid for all the hard work
by our lovely customers and their kindness.

 honesty book shop


altered journals for doodling.

tarot reading available in the afternoons.

rory always in the kitchen at parties.

fiona cooking.


the coffee shop sells vegetarian food .
everything is freshly made every day.

father and son.


girl power.



PinkCheetahVintage said...

Your coffee shop looks amazing. Sorry the expenses have been high so far... Small biz is HARD.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I forgot to say how much I love that dress!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I notice how your stunning frock has been made out of lovely old lace and wedding dresses - plural? Wow, what a talented artisan, I love it! I hope you did end up getting some good shots for Melanie, I'd love to see you in the next issue of Vogoff :). I know I'm not alone when I say I believe governments answer to enormous conglomerates who mercilessly elbow out fledgling independent businesses, by lining government pockets, who accordingly make it difficult for such talented, big-hearted citizens like you and Rory to make a go of it. It makes me sick to the stomach, it really does. I mean, look at your warm and cozy cafe, decked out to the nines, so much hard work put into making it "just so" and a haven for someone like me!!! I wish you all the very, very best of luck my dear xoxoxoxoxox

thorne garnet said...

damn, don't you know that by opening that awesome cafe, you're taking money away from the soul sucking McDonald's down the street? How could you? I try to support local business when ever I can, it's getting harder and harder.

Awesome dress and head piece

Vix said...

Well done on getting the cafe up and running. If it's vegetarian I'll definitely be popping in if I ever get back to Dublin.
Fab outfit and totally magazine worthy. xxx
PS My bag isn't for sale, it gets more love than I do!

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful and lovely your cafe is - a place to stay for the day indeed. Best wishes and may you thrive. Love my locals - you can't beat it at all - corporate is so cold and calculating. And your photie is glorious ... oooh I've gone on a bit lol!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Your cafe looks so lovely, I wish I could teleport myself over there for lunch! I support local businesses whenever possible, but it's a tough go keeping your own business afloat.

I love your dress, and your headpiece.
My friend came back from Ireland and gave me the owl pin she purchased from your store, and the gift you sent. That was so thoughtful of you, Thank you!!

Patti said...

Yes, owning a business is hard work! And you put a lot of love into yours, I can see. Love your ivory dress! Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

What a lovely sentiment this dress must have. To think of the personal emotional connection that you have to the person who wore it before you.
Your shop looks fantastic, I wish I lived near. Following via GFC.

Barbara @

Emalina said...

Your dress is wonderfully romantic Lucy, and suits you perfectly with that amazing headpiece. It's very Miss Haversham!

Congratulations on starting your café, how exciting, best of luck with it all.

Zalina Walton said...

Your coffee shop looks really fantastic.

Melanie said...

Oh, Lucy, not good enough? Are you kidding me? You are amazing! I love this dress and your style in general. Such an artist! But I'm glad you've posted this here. I love this.
I hope you don't get too discouraged about your coffee shop. I really don't understand why there are so many rules! Hang in there. Soon you'll numb yourself to that end of things, I hope, and can focus on the things that bring you joy as you do to all the wonderful people who work/shop/play at your place.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I'm One of Vogoff's new fan and i would love to see a picture like yours (in that Lovely dress).

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I would love to see a picture like that in Vogoff!