2 facts. outfit 21

Today is Wednesday my simple dress day, this is my truth dress it tells me when i have put on weight. its screaming at me now to STOP EATING CHOCOLATES.

i love the fabric. the flowers are like water color drawings. the designer is Sonia Rykiel. i wouldn't get away with wearing it without this over mantle. oh those lumps & bumps.
so to my title 2 facts.
fact 1 is i forgot the camera today so there are no photos sorry.
fact 2 i said i was having 2 days off on Monday. well i was until 20 bags of stock arrived. its great when you get new things in . this however was all menswear. as everything has to be about me me me me...... i have no interested in men's clothes because there is not going to be that dress in the bags waiting to be found.
i hope all you guys who whinge at me about the small collection of menswear come in with your raided piggy banks.
I've just realised I've competition for my '5 outfits a week till 17 June' promise. yer woman on the ground floor [sesi shop] rainey. she always has lovely clothes. i really like her style. now she has informed me she is getting all her wardrobe shipped into Ireland on Saturday. [she has being off having great travel adventure's for the last year] i bet you they are all amazing garments. i am going to be sick with envy. oh i need retail therapy in a foreign land or maybe 20 bags of women's clothes to be dropped to my door!


Mum Gone Mad said...

Mmm, maybe I need a truth dress :) I do have a "forgiving" pair of jeans that lie to me and let me eat whatever I want. Have a good evening, hope you get those 20 bags of womens clothing arrive at your door luv Karen x

The Josie Baggley Company said...

well hello there...this is ''yer one''; whatcan I say to you Lucybelle...but it is YOUR fault ! You keep bringing in clothes that I cannot NOT HAVE.It is TRUE..yes it is...what did you do today?eh?What? & now, NOW I'm sitting at my machine sticking a PENGUIN onto it....(tut tut what ARE YOU ALL THINKING).. onto a DRESS!
~Yer One

Ciara said...

Hey Dee! Been a good week since I popped in here to say hi and see what you're up to. It's been a bit mental with sick babies and absent husbands and not very much me time. I think a trip in to Lucy's Lounge might just be the ticket...

First of all, sorry you had your purse nicked. What a rotten thing to happen.I hope it hasn't got you down too much.

Second, I LOVE the new banner. A blog revamp did you say? What had you in mind?

And lastly. One word (well two really) TOY PORTRAIT!!! Isn't Elaine just fab? I think her Toy Portrait of you and yours is one of the sweetest things I've seen for quite some time. Especially in the spirit it was made. She must be a wonderful friend to have.

Hope to see you at the Tea Party if not before.

jaboopee said...

I agree with everything Ciara says about me!
and i'm afraid of truth dresses,you are a very brave princess.

christian said...

what a great posting - i put on a suit today and it did not fit, so I guess this is my 'am I getting fat outfit'!!