emanuela, another lady who appeared at lucy's today
i love her look. she's like a governess from a childrens story -a very kindly one.

rui & martha from portugal all is reusable, give your clothes a second chance,old is beautiful.

rui is a photographer.

cathy, reena & natalie on a mad day out.

they came all the way to ireland from the uk.

i hope you got home safely!

sometimes people just appear in the shop like as if they've being teleported

i turned around and there, heather was,

we had a great chat.

ginevera from italy

a customer of mine from 3 years ago when she lived in dublin

now she's home in italy and on holiday here.

magic, love & happiness... that's life if you remember everything is possible.

dahlia, an italian artist living in sligo.

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