outfit no 22 pixie

My outfit today is a colour i never wear. Brown is my least favorite colour. However i thought this outfit looked like a pixies costume. OK stop laughing i know i don't look like a pixie. You are all so cruel.
The suit from a shop in new Ross
Dress from reliable Penney's
Hat tea cosy customized with safety pins,[by me]made by a friend, Sheila, a felt maker.
Necklace from my friend Susan's fiance, Hassan.
My other news is from Monday i am starting a diet. I've worked out its 10 weeks to June17 [my birthday and end of my 5 day a week different garment a day journey] so if i lose a pound a week, then I'll have lost a stone by my 44th. Now before all you brain boxes say there are 14 lbs in a stone i know.
I was reared in the catholic tradition and miracles are a big part of that so come on you miracle maker show all my followers what you can do.


jaboopee said...

I'm going to get a mass said for you and I'm saying a prayer to St.Jude. and everytime you feel the urge for chocolate just say 9 hail marys first .
good luck and god bless

Erik Eblana said...

Hellooo. Good luck with the diet and remember -more exercise! So run up and down those stairs a few times a day and you'll be as right as rain! See you over weekend. And I love brown!