i've got aproblem.

my intention was to name a person 'style queen' each week. however i feel its unfair to choose one person. all the people who come into my shop have a great way of dress. i am not joking. my shop is in an obscure place - its at the back of another shop in the basement. so who ever comes in really has to find it. a lot of customers call it their secret shop.

anyhow i am going to cancel that competition and put pictures on my blog of all the style queens.


Erik Eblana said...

Sure shouldn't you have a 'style king' then, if you've a 'style queen'? But I guess 'style person' doesn't have the same ring to it. Or maybe 'the persona sylistic'.

jaboopee said...

How about putting the names of all your style kings and queens into a lovely vintage hat and pulling a name out of the hat!