outfit no 10

this dress i bought about 100 years ago. i thought i lost it, which i did for years luckily i found it at my dad's house when i was getting all the props ready for the shop.

i met ciara from milk-moon at lucy's on saturday. she wrote a really nice piece about the shop on her blog. thank you for that.

at the same time elaine from jaboopee was visiting it was like a bloggers convention. a special thanks to elaine for all her help through my blogging times.


jaboopee said...

I like the francis bacon effect on this photograph.

Saturday was great fun in your shop.

Always something interesting happening.

Your blog rocks!

The Josie Baggley Company said...

This is exactly how you look missus when you're dartin' about serving bisqwits to everyone in the building...like a superhero blur!

See you tomorrow

Ciara said...

It was great to meet both you and Elaine!

I LOVE your shop! Can I call it my secret shop too? We'll be like a club.