0utfit no 35

my favorite skirt, i bought this from a south American designer called Fernando it is made from paper and is hand painted on
the top i have since i was 18 years young,a long time ago .

almudena, Eva & Jen.
smile. you are in life.

a big bag of goodies

Alessandra and Sara
'we can be hero's just for one day'

Micheal from America
'life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100%
mortality rate'
'no one gets out of here alive'


'charms magic casements,
opening on the foam of perilous seas in fairylands forlorn'
the nightingale by john Keats.


'whatever happens in Dublin stays in Dublin'

'welcome to dublin for the wierd ans beautiful'

'70's postcards are awesome'


jaboopee said...

So you have that top 5 years now?
I love your necklace too,wheres that from?looks like fun today ,i like micheal(s take on life)
I'm emailing you about conrads animation....i am so jealous
it's fantastic!

dee said...

hi e, i left you an email for the con chat. my necklace is from om diva. i LOVE this posting the toys look great. i can't believe you've done so much work. its a great idea to do a look-back. please tell me how you do that. i might do that for my half way point. have a nice rest. i'm the same i'm really tired too i've not being blogging well i might take a break next week and come back with fresh eyes. talk to me soon love and choclatey kisses your adoring fan d ps. only lets have a break don't leave.