outfit no 33 gold armour

i am never wearing this outfit again. i thought it was gorgeous this morning
but now in the full glare of day.
i think otherwise. i do like the idea behind this creation but i just don't think i quite got it right.
the great thing about wearing all these different outfits is
you get to be quite experimental & then be honest about the outcome.
dress Lucy's
leggings penny's
shoes Zara
hat Camden London

Dan studying in Rome.
what a pleasant person with a natural affinity for vintage clothes.
'that's what you get for riding the guard rail'

Alice & Erica
'you don't have to win the lottery to give people happiness'
['you do ' Lucy ]

'well my dear I'm off to sunny Spain'. Lara the great sticher [i want to say sewer but the editor has advised against] is off home on Wednesday
I'll miss you.

Spain again this time the basque country.

'life is more beautiful when you don't reflect upon existence'

the girl in the beautiful coat.

isn't it gorgeous.

saoirse from London

[& here's the best quote yet]

'vintage in Lucy's is better than in London.'

this girl works in a vintage shop in carnaby street so she knows.

Jacqui from London.

'wake up & dream'


littlebit said...

Actually I like the gold!!

Must get in to the shop myself soon...

Happy Easter Eggs!

jaboopee said...

I like the gold too!
Does it come with a golden touch?
Hope your day was great and you get all the easter eggs you desire.