the last buds of may

the last week of may and i am rumbling towards outfit no 70!!
this post has no photos of me as i have being thinking of what to do when i get
to the 17/June/'09
my journey will be over I'll have worn about 80 different outfits since February.
i have no more to wear.
so really that should be the end of my blog.
the whole point of this journal was to chronicle my outfits
and to show all the beautiful, amazingly dressed people who come in to Lucy's.
i have to say i have so enjoyed blogging, it kind of makes you think of your life,
and how to present it to the world.
also having a peek into other peoples lives
is great.
i would like to continue but what theme shall i have.
i can't continue to wear different outfits every day
so whats next????
any ideas.
this beautiful creative darling came in on Saturday
'if 70% of life's success is in turning up, that's why i turn up everywhere....'
woody Allen

this handsome creative darling came in on Friday.

i had a delightful conversation with this girl and she wrote a beautiful
piece for me which i have mislaid.
I'm so sorry.

shopping shopping shopping....

a Nepalese prince and his beautiful Celtic queen.

Klara, eternal child and fashion lover
Alice, colorful

photographing the photographer

you're the sweetest thing

what an eye catcher in school & in a band.

'if only i had my umbrella'

ash & Garry
shoe shopping

'shopping for sinead sucks'

my favorite 3 customers

Mary Poppins

little red riding hood


Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Hi D!

I have got to say I enjoyed your video clip of Lucy's. Coool! Wow!

That is your theme of your blog ... 'Lucy's Lounge'; and all who enter and what they buy, and what gossipy things are going on in the basement etc etc - you can't stop blogging! We will miss you.

Hope you had fun partying over the weekend ... wish it was me :)

jaboopee said...

goldilocks, mary poppins and little red riding hood rule!
why didn't you show us you too ,
we want you
we want you
we want you
we want you
we want you
we want you
we want you
we want you
we want you we want you
we want you
we want you we want you
we want you
we want you
i demand to see your outfit
my idea is for you to just keep on keeping on.

I_am_Tulsa said...

Oh don't stop blogging!
Have color themes, give fashion advice, keep on doing what you are doing, but don't stop!

Aden Meyler said...

Dee-I missed seeing you on your blog. And would miss you if you stop blogging. I know it would be hard keeping up with wearing different outfits all the time, but I know we would love seeing the pictures of your customers and the bits of chat and seeing Dublin through your eyes. Plus I haven't been to one of your tea parties yet. Keep it up. Aden

Can't wait to see what's in store for your birthday next week...

Sonia Luna said...

Oh no, Dee, don't stop blooging! I enjoy seeing all your lovely costumers and their outfits!
You could tell us about the gems in your shop, your costumers, what you do and love in Dublin. I don't think you should have many rules, just enjoy it!

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

OK, Dee... I suppose you can take a break too! (Just make sure you return like me). It's good to be back and I've missed creative friends like you!
Alright then...
Love the new outfits, and yes, I'd say the 'I mean business' look is a change of pace for you, but I like it. But then I got a look at the other two, and I love them all! The flapper shot is very nice, and I love the touch of red, and I also wonder how it would look in B&W. I'd have to say the third one is my absolute favorite... you may have never promised us a rose garden, but here you've delivered nonetheless!
I love your impromptu shots of staff, friends and customers (and of course the ones of you in delightful outfits). They are works of art in themselves. I was wondering if you'd be up to me doing a tile or two dedicated to Lucy's Lounge using your quirky photos? May be some time before they get made, but I'd like to knock around some possibilities as seeds in the process and see them eventually come to fruition.
Let me know!
PS -- Come back when business allows! I am infatuated with Lucy's Lounge and am so glad to be back from my 3.5 week jag.

Candy Warholl said...

hey dee
i love your shop and your blog!!!
I was in the shop the other day askng for voluntary work.(i boought some pantent leather docks)
just wondering when i should come in?
Ciara Coyne

Faye Anna Rochford said...

HI Deirdre,oh i enjoyed that video of lucys lounge!wota haven of creativity!!i miss that.Ive just graduated in fashion design from ncad.Was talking2 Ceara Doyle last week,Id love to get in contact with you?how shall i do so?Faye Rochford