outfit 58-61

what a rainy week its been.
things are at last settling down in Lucy's
and i am finding a good routine.
here's some new outfits.
i love this cardie. i got this whole outfit at Lucy's this week.

Saturday night after a hard day at the shop.
this coat is from the designer Marni.
i bought it at brown Thomas about 10 years ago and i love it
the skirt is from miss selfridges

will all sweet shops please bar me.
I've no self control or shame.

this dress i bought in platform a Dublin boutique.

a budding Turkish clothes designer.

'not all who wander are lost'
a mermaid from America.

good luck with the end of year show.

' a prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages'
Tennessee Williams

'death is one moment and life is so many'
Tennessee Williams

'don't you know I'm a rainbow too'

a friend from cyber space
Adena and her beautiful daughter
thank you so much for dropping by.


jaboopee said...

great to see you back again, looking as lovely as ever, love your sweet shop comment, do you tink that'll work? your couch also looks amazing ,tell me more about that necklace in first picture ..

we off to phoneix park tomorrow....nearly there...

Mum Gone Mad said...

Love the pink cardi too :) have a great weekend and thanks for the visits, big lad feeling much better this morning luv Karen x

Laura said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words....this is my first visit to your space and wow! You are so clever and interesting...I think your outfits are ingenious and you have great style! I will check back often!
Be well, Laura

Sandy said...

I enjoy seeing all these outfits.

Bleudelavande said...

tanks for visiting and leaving kind words!
It' my first visit on your blog and I'm enchanted,
I'll check back often!
Have a nice week

Aden Meyler said...

Dee, it was so nice meeting you last week. As always I love your outfits. You have such flair! I hope my daughter Niamh will distract everyone from my picture!

I_am_Tulsa said...

My heart is beating so fast! Yu have a lovely place! I will sneak around you blog a bit more when I come back from work tonight but right now all I can say is...absolutely amazing outfits!

frippery said...

First visit. Wow, my daughter would go crazy in your shop. We have been trying to put together vintage 9os at least second hand) outfits for her. I also love the wallpaper in your hallway. beautiful. Can't wait to see your next ensemble. Pam

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy - Dee!!!

I hope you have a great one and you should feel very satisfied knowing you completed your challenge!!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. :)

Urban Flea said...

Thanks for the comment again Lucy! Regarding your comment, how do I do what? Post so much? If that's the question, the answer is, caffeine!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Tim said...

Alright! I've captured a mermaid!


Anonymous said...

My friend and I visited your store after stopping into arttattoo and having myself branded by Kit.
We love Lucy's Lounge ... think it's amazing and spent an hour or so taking everything in.
Australian Dave was working that day and we really enjoyed him as well. Please, if you could, pass along our hellos to Dave for me? ..
Janice (with the new Q tattoo) and Jenni from Michigan.
We can't wait to come back to wonderful Dublin.

Urban Flea said...

Hi my lovely Lucy! Thank you so so so much for all your support and amazing comments over at Urban Flea! You have no idea how much that all means to me, every time it makes my day. Thank you so much my dear!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Anonymous said...