outfit 52 -57.

i am now a month away from my birthday and the end of my odyssey.
i have worn a different outfit for 5 days of each week so far that's 57 ensembles.
i am now scraping the barrel. i know i will have to buy some more clothes if i am to finish.
Saturdays & Sundays i try to wear more theatrical clothes, i have just enough to see
me through with these.
the 'simple dress' style, well i have found 4 nice ones at Lucy's today that have ended up in my possession.
that leaves the days i like to 'dress to suit my mood' so whats going to happen then?
as for my blogging experience, at the start I'd great help at home, an editor, technical help
even an idea man. now alas its just me and spell check.
i have to say i really enjoy the Internet. you never need to feel alone.
the amount of talent that's out there, also all us like minded people
who are obsessed with clothes/junk/people.
i feel when reading other people blogs I'm a voyeur with permission.
its great hours go by being entertained by this machine.
thank you fellow bloggers

i have this outfit about 20 years. i bought it when i lived in London.
the dress is from whistles, coat from portobello market.
its amazing i remember buying each piece.
i think the dress was the first really expensive item i bought.

this suit is another purchase from whistles
however much more recent about 2 years ago.
my hat is from the cake shop market, held once a month in temple bar.

the dress is new to me. i think it is a kameez, a dress from Pakistan.
really comfortable to wear. leggings from Penny's
headpiece from Paris.

all of this out fit is from Lucy's.
the sun was shining this day & i wanted colour.

yuck! i did like this dress, till i saw the photo.
to be fair it is a nice dress just not for me.
the cardie a lovely m&s cashmere.
i washed it, it turned out it might fit a doll. aarghh!

what is it with me & grey i love grey but again it doesn't like me.
the dress i bought in a designer boutique in Dublin
the name escapes me now oh yeah Vivienne Walsh
its now closed. she made beautiful jewellery
and also sold some shoes & clothes.
i love this dress, the shirt is a ww2 prison shirt
i bought in brick lane in London a long time ago
lastly and shamefully the belly is models own!

my new interiors area of the shop.
all items for sale.

'the world is filthy. people runnin after money.
capitalism kills feelings. I'm anti system. i like to create something against this world'
polish artist

the proud dad, Derek with his beautiful daughter & her lovely friend, on her
communion day.

'it troubles me not that my earthly lot has very little of earth in it'.

'everyday i wake with a new thought'.

''magic, love & happiness ..... that's life
if you remember that everything is possible.

happy birthday
' whatever you wish to do in this life, do it!
whatever anyone says,
whatever stares or glares you get .
because you've only one chance at life.
and you don't want to realise at the end that you've only
spent it trying to please everyone else.....
and not you.

fellow fashion slave

a boogie blogger from the states

in Ireland from a month
an artist from Canada. welcome.


5ft Inf said...

Hi there...thanks for all your recent comments and I love the stripy jumper and pink leggings outfit on you best...you look lovely...but the grey is also wonderfully theatrical...
Lucky you with your shop!
x Philippa

Sandy said...

What fun to see all these outfits!

jaboopee said...

loving it all ,and there's so much to look at. love the new look shop, love your voyeur with permission description....thats so true,can't wait to call in and see it all with me own 4 eyes
and i wont have you say another word against grey on you...grey loves you

Rainey J said...

Heya Missus! My eye was drawn to the Parisian head piece..really like that. & the mini film is cool..well done to Dave!
Those chocolates were deliriously scrumptious BTW &nope I didn't share.. maybe the next box..nah!

Your Wan upstairs

Holly said...

I love your grey dress. It's amazing!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday in advance Dee! (: x

Patrick Keough said...

Love the Video Lucy and my daughter Andei absolutely LOVED your shop. Thanks for posting my pic on your blog - great video as well! Andei and I have some really cool images we took in your shop - will send soon. cheers