outfit 47, 48, 49 50, 51, i'm back

i have decided to write once maybe twice a week. the idea is to do one long blog.
computers are such temperamental things it takes so long to
coax it along & pamper it when things go wrong, that i find
once it gets going its fine so i prefer to do longer blogs. well that's the idea at the moment
so lets see how long it goes like this.
you know the hello! - curse: couples who appear there seem to break up
soon after. well my blog is the same as soon as i announce something on here
the opposite happens.
sculpure from elaine at http://jaboopee.blogspot.com
i can't believe I'm at outfit no 50.
I'm nearly running out of clothes so this is when the fun begins because i have
to buy more.
above is a new ensemble a ll got a at Lucy's
the dress a Regine e25
cardie e10
trouser suit e25.
a really comfortable set of clothes
& the dress is silk with hand beading, I'd swear it was never worn.

another lucy' dress
per una e20.

dress from cloth & demin, south william st.

how was i allowed out in this!
i was trying to show off the back of the top which is customized.
a beautiful antique picture.

isn't she the sweetest girl ever,
she came to the shop today from mayo.
she bought the skirt.

skirt e20
cardie e20 from Lucy's

trinity ball outfit.

you just can't stop this girl.
Tara in a whirl.

friends shopping
a great way to spend a day.

don't worry, be happy.

i changed the shop around.

Kelly & Victor
Kelly's half Irish.

I'm the smiling face of iarnoid eireann.

hette no. - niamh

burlesque dancer.

what style!

what a dress!


Mum Gone Mad said...

Cool pics :) I think I would enjoy a browse around your shop. Have a good weekend luv Karen x

jaboopee said...

there's so much there, where do I start
1. love that beautiful screen in the first picture:0)
2. love the opportunity to get to look around your house and all your things
3.you look so different in each different outfit and despite what you say i think black is good on you but then i would say that wouldn't I ?
4.welcome back
5. you were missed terribly
6. but sure as long as your not gone altogether
7. what's seldom is still wonderful
8.welcome back again.
9.your house looks lovely anytime I've ever seen its its full of people
10. welcome back

Sarah said...

Hey D,
thank you so much for the sweet comment. I'm sorry I don't reply as often as I should.
I'm going through a mini rough patch at the moment but it'll be over soon I hope. It's really sweet to know you think of me (: thank you for that.
I'll head out into the back garden, sit in the grass and play some guitar for the afternoon I think! I'm hopefully getting my all-new, brand shiny guitar from Waltons early next month. Then I can give my friend hers back hahah (:
I'll pop into the shop and say hello too. You might even get a song out of me if you wanted!!
Love Sarah x

Ciara said...

Hey Dee, gosh it's been a while. Do I always say that? I'll have to come in to the shop soon, summers here and my wardrobe is looking very sad...

Happy days!

Anonymous said...