talent show 09 outfit 45 & 46

sorry Sheila, i put this up sideways i don't know how to correct it! oops!
pretty poetry.


my able assistant. the loooovely Haley.

serious stuff.
'how will we win'

on the road to somewhere.

every year i have a talent show at my house.

its usually around may.
its a party for friends to gather together before summer.

this year had to be the best, we had 23 acts,.

the categories are craft & performance.

the competition was tough this year,

everyone gets a prize but there is 4 main prizes

and the judges choice.

hussan, paddy, & Elaine were the judges.
Paul did a great job as compere
Haley aged 12 was my able assistant.

Kevin, Haley, Fionn, took photos

thanks to them all

my dress is from saudi arabian designer.

in the backround you can see me with my second change of the day.
i thought i looked like a bride, however feed back from

the ground said i looked like a Victorian lady of ill repute!

my beautiful head piece bought at the craft market in dublin 8

just on sunday. i haven't got the girls name but i'll be back for more.

joe singing johnny cash song.
i still say he should have won.

half of the very talented corby family.

also the judges.

colemans [aged 11] showing his film.

3 admiring ladys.

the prizes given to all participant

koleman the film maker, remember his name.

Des daddy of 2 daughters of great ability.

my boys.

ribbon dance.

a family.

i made this.

a beautiful gift from Liz.

thank you so much.
she won first prize for crafts section.

the judges.

rosalin, with a beautiful drawing she did

those boys.

who owns this beautiful face

some photos of yesterday thank you to everyone for coming along and

for putting in so much effort.

it was a great day.
i am going to try and join flicker so i can put up all the photos for your
more details tonight.


littlebit said...

Deirdre - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - it was a brilliant day. Tremendous fun!

Thank you to Rory for the fabby food - I tried almost everything - and loved it all.

And thanks especially to the judges for choosing wisely!! (I would hate their job....lol...)


jaboopee said...

That was just about the best fun and entertainment you could get in one room in one day EVER, and these photos really capture that,everyone's smiling , In fact,I'm still smiling thinking about it.
Big huge thanks to you and rory.
Can't wait for the next one.

ps that last beautiful face belongs to fionn

Sheila said...

Hi Dee- what a brilliant day. So much talent and I love the variety of performance and presentations. You are the perfect hosts with yummy food and prizes for everyone. I will treasure my rosette Looking forward to the Nutstown Festival 2010. S x

sparklicous said...

hey. looks like a super fun day had by all. i said i'd send you some links i thought you'd like, vaguely in order of favourites: http://hystericgirl.blogspot.com/

Sonia Luna said...

Looks like great fun was had by all, what a great idea for a party!
Great link list sparklicous, I know [and love]some of them, will check out the rest!

Aden Meyler said...

Dee that was such a great idea! It looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us voyeurs look in on our life. I loved the first outfit, your headress (and you have beautiful blue eyes!), and the wallpaper!

Rainey J said...

Love the headpiece. If you got it at the Art & Crafts market on Sunday?- The girl's name is Julia Bardos- She had a fabulous presentation stall just as you went in on the left.My voice is bak again so I can sing Wuthering Heights again ! I'm back in today so see you later missus!

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