out and about june 27

i didn't go out much this week for some reason.
however the saying quality not quantity applies.
i was invited to an evening of entertainment.
by the vivacious miss Tara.
it was a great night.
held in a building with many artists studio, the venue itself was inspiring.
the entertainment was uplifting.
comedy, drama, music, spoken word as well as conversations
with long lost friends.
i really do urge you to go to the next event it would be such a sin to miss it.
Sancho gallilei.

art in the public walkway.

the entrance

i love this top bought in new york.

jazz musicians

art work on view.

whats going on?

me yapping again.



the next few photos are of the space i have worked in all my life.
temple bar.
this is the tourist/artistic/entertainment area of Dublin.
when i first had a shop here 25 years ago it was to be a bus station.
however due to small business and artists converging on the area the plan was changed.
now its a thriving place that i love.
i walked the length of it today from the craft market to my shop.
popping into gallerys and the food market.
meeting fellow traders on the way.
the atmosphere in temple bar is of fun, tolerance and camaraderie.

crown alley. the main street.

my very first shop in temple bar at crow corner.

Clare Garvey.
Clare is my favorite Irish clothes designer.
i love her shop, her clothes, her style and most of all Clare.
she is delightful.

bad photographer.

her designs

her shop.

the transformation room

'you shall go to the ball.'

'abandon hope all ye who enter here'

Karen at cows lane market.
blogger did this not me!

a great vintage furniture shop.

young designers

10' tall monsters invading.

showing you the way

new buildings


Tia said...

OMG Dee, HOW fabulous...WISH I lived nearer...ok scrap that , seeing as we`re in Maynooth ,wish we had a car...that looks like a FANTASIC night out...and loving the pics of Temple Bar ,HOW lucky were you to get in there years ago before it became the "cool" place to be ???? Aideen has writen you a letter ,it`ll be in Mons post...she has her outfit that shes wearing when we go in to you picked out already ! You are here HEROINE :0)
Tia x

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Temple Bar... "thriving place that i love"... Of course, Dee, it all makes sense now. Your shop and site are so imbued with artistic beauty and quirkiness because you're immersed in the atmosphere! And I was able to play the video by David May for the first time (always viewing on my mobile, and can't play it there, but now on desktop). Loved the song and movie... just what I expected.

I_am_Tulsa said...

so many places to enjoy! I love seeing your clothes and all the inspirational people you meet and sight that you see! hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Fun and fashion... honestly what can top that? I'm happy to hear you had so much fun!

jaboopee said...

loving the new look lucys and loving
your walkarounds...you rock.

Sonia Luna said...

It's great to be reminded that Temple Bar is actually quite a vibrant place, and not just full of stag and hen nights ... although I
still miss the ramshackle appearance of the old temple bar, pre celtic tiger.

Anonymous said...

Temple Bar is famous - everyone where I live talks about it because they have either had a stag or a hen night. But I bet if these same people visit during day time they would meet a different atmosphere. If I visited Dublin that's what I would come for. Great post D, loving Dublin more and more.

Anonymous said...

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