i've no clothes!

I've being tagged.
the tag came from Tulsa.
i answer 5 questions from 5 sections.
then pass it on to 5 bloggers.
5 favorite songs
1. ain't nobody - Chaka Khan
2.liar - Henry Rollins
3.willow - Joan Armatrading
4.because the night - Patti smith
5.grounds for divorce - Elbow
5 favorite films
2.lives of others
3.Grinch who stole Christmas
4.slumdog millionaire
5.the cook , the thief, his wife & her lover.
random things i like
1.water i don't drink anything else never have, never will.
[ a little lie i drank alcohol during my wild youth, but i never liked it, just the effect]
2. chocolate
4.hot water bottles
5.flea market hunting.
now it comes to the hard part
i hope i won't t offend anyone
but i never read books. i generally just look at the pictures.
1. vogue magazine
2.Tim walker pictures
'letters from famous people about their favorite poems'
4.everybody's activity book Pascale Estellon
5.when i was expecting my son Conrad i read all of
Isabel Allende books.
i love her writings.
my son is now an avid reader.
I'm going to be a real spoil sport.
i never have crushes on anyone.
i hope this is OK.
its much harder to do than you think.
here are the 5 people i am tagging.
i would like to chose everyone who i follow & follows me.
all the blogs are so great.
but i can't the rule is 5.
so i chose people i have met in real life.
jaboopee, tia, aden, liz, sharon.

well the first post without me.
i have to say i found this week very strange i missed the routine o f the outfits.
also the ritual of selecting and putting them together.
i think i might start again.
i bought a lot of clothes for myself this week
as a consolation prize.


'i would not suffer interference from any experts'

Sharon from Dublin flea market.

wow wow wow.
i had palpitations of the heart when this fabulous girl
came in.
teene from Sudan.
still in school.
sporting such style.
'visual kei forever'

a mermaid from mermaid.
a waitress from my favorite restaurant mermaid.

'lets spoil ourselves'

'born to bogie'

' i made this bag'

sisters or twins.

happy 4Th of July from Michelle.

Luke & Lilly

Lucy's helper.

another crafty customer.


Tia said...

SO glad to see you back in Blogland :0)
Ohhh am SO excited about coming to visit you !!!! And of course shopping !!!! Aideen says shes going to look out for 1950`s styles, and me ,well...I`m a "it caught my eye" shopper :0)
I do have to look for one special outfit...I`m in the ICA ...yes really ! And its the centenary year ,so our guild is having a meal in the local hall after September ,but we`ve to pick an outfit from the years 1919-2010....I`D love to go as far back as possible...will you keep an eye out ???Well off to do some blogging...misse ya , hugs Tia xx

Pattie said...

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Chrissy said...

You a hoot!!! Fun post as always, I did a bit of shopping on Grafftin(?)street, I love the Laura Ashely store!! Glad you stopped by,i find it harder to blog in the summer,guess there is just too much going on! Have a great(dry) week,we are headed up north for a couple days r&r...talk soon! Chrissy

littlebit said...

thanks for tagging me! I have done mine ...

Ciara said...

Oh Dee, I love your Lucy's Lounge movie! It's made me realise just how long it is since I took a trip into town! Long, long overdue.

Hmm... children's allowance next week heh heh!

I_am_Tulsa said...

Oh Dee! I love the same Patti Smith song! WHO could live without hot water bottles!? LOL
I knew I'd love your lists!

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...


I have tagged you with an award on my blog. Enjoy! :)

5ft Inf said...

Never a crush on anyone!!!...it's one of the beautiful joys in life...and even better when its secret!
Also love the Cook, The Theif film too!

jaboopee said...

i love that chaka khan and patti smith song too. ta for tag i'll be doing mine next week when all is back to normal .

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

I think I have a crush on Lucy's Lounge... no need to crush back 'cause I think it's kinda creepy... ;)
Only water? Very, very proud of you! I'd like to drink a little less of the motor oil.
Rules are made for breaking... how about a little SparkleMirror... JK ;)

OK, about the delightful characters from LL...

Favorite outfit: Michelle (but where are her shoes!?)

Favorite character: Sharon (quite conservative choice for me, but no doubt classic, and it hits me)

Favorite Pose(s): 'born to bogie'

Favorite Facial Expresssion: Michelle again.

Favorite Attitude Shot: Lucy's helper

OK, Dee... I don't think it'll be long before you're an international sensation. LL just tickles me pink.


Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Ah! Thank you for tagging me Lucy-Dee.:)

scruffie teennage fashionista/reformer/oddball said...

Hi Dee my friend eva and I stumbled into lucys one day completly by mistake BEST MISTAKE OF OUR LIVES! I love your shop its our regular drop in spot when we are in town I was in today and was so inspired I had to write about it in my blog we are in 3rd year now but can we do ty work experience with you guys?? thansk for having the coolest shop in dublin

love ISabelle xxxxxx

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