i'm back outfit no 79

well it was inevitable.
but i didn't think it would happen so quickly
or have such a wonderful route.
on Thursday a customer, Toni came to the shop.
she gave me a bag.
'its a gift for you' she said 'from my mam'
lo and behold inside was my next few outfits.
i couldn't believe it!
so here i am in my 'Egyptian trader outfit'.
i love it and the spirit in which it was given.
so I'm back to 2 new outfits a week.
thank you Miriam.
Tia and me

a beautiful dress on a beautiful lady.

great new friends.
their outfits looked so great on they bought them.

friends together

i hope you're wearing this dress tonight.

dressed Shirley temple style

spider man visiting Lucy's

'I'm climbing the walls'

beautiful Aimee as queen maeve

'can't tell ya what we bought'

now this is a wow story.
Lucy's friend bought this belt in a flea market.
a handmade belt
on close inspection she found a sticker saying
'made by prisoner in Folsom prison'

'i might as well jump'

harry modelling Lucy's mens wear


I've just done my spell check and i have this incredible urge to use all the wrong spellings suggested by spell check.
does this ever happen to any one else?


littlebit said...

you so should use all the worng splelings !!

jaboopee said...

i acree with liddle ,
have you any camels for sale?

good to see you back in fashion attack,as micheal jackson said "don't stop till you get enough"

I'm back in the real world now and rearing to answer your tag on wednesday

can you dig it?

5ft Inf said...

Great to see yiu in Egyption tradswear; I have a gorgus pair of curly sliperss that would go brillantly...I also relly want that black cocteil dress.

Tia said...

Hi Lucy, Aideen and me missed ya ...checking yoru blog every day :0) Letter in the post tomorrow for you ,should get it tuesday at lastest xx LOVE the Egyptian outfit...

Sonia Luna said...

Love the Egyptian outfit, the colour is amazing! Your costumers are such a fun, stylish bunch, I love the pictures, they are getting better and better!
I promise I will make it in one of these days, with my camera!
My mother reads my blog using google translator, with quite hilarious results ... I then have to re-translate their translation over the phone!

jaboopee said...

i've finelly respended too your tag
sweeite py check out jayboopeeeee

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Wayhey, you are back in business wiht mor new outfits!!!!

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