outfits in the 80's

i have 3 new outfits this week. plus a small bit of out & about.
Lucy's is so busy that life has gone on hold.

'i'm such a flapper ' outfit
1920's inspired

'i mean business'
this is such a serious looking style.

'i never promised you a rose garden'
a large collection of flower prints.

'I'm not dead yet'

3 generations of the one family.


heather & Fiona
'bitta Lucy's lounge fo lyfe 09'

modelling our new range of hats.

burlesque girl from cork.

Micheal bell
play people performance.
'be natural and play'

my helper redesigning an outfit for me

the outfit to be customized.

the selection of photos below are a few of my favorite things.

my favorite type of sign loads around at the moment.

my favorite restaurant mermaid

my lucky leprechaun.
everyday at 6o'clock when i' m going home he's sitting with this pose.

i went to a shop opening called mayfly off Camden street full of greet things.

more goodies

the Phoenix park.

the bandstand the best place to enjoy the park.

ise and Kevin.
from the band ise.
great music.
i play it in the shop all the time.

is it me or blogger that's going mad!

Amanda my best customer.

the ifc for the latest films.

different ones on every day.
located in my favorite neighbourhood temple bar.


I_am_Tulsa said...

I don't know where to begin! The park is beautiful, interesting and beautiful people (and leprechaun), and I LOVE the flower print dress you are wearing!

Thank you for your kind words! I hope I will have some good news about my career change within the next few weeks!

hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Tia said...

Hi dearest Dee :o)
LOVE the 1920s outfit ...think I lived back then...except i cant dance ! Sean loves the seat made from branches ,has even promised to make me one...Aideen DELIGHTED with the comment you left on the Homeschool site ... shes designing you a poster for the shop at the moment (big surprise ok)? We are putting every spare cent away and Nora (my friend, from Dublin originally) is coming, she is all excited too as she sews clothes...you would LOVE them...well I`ll stop gas-bagging have the kettle on ,want a cuppa ? Love n hugs, Tia xx

jaboopee said...

i like your lucky leprechaun, i think that seat in the mayfly should be his.

Rainey J said...

Go-on ya New Romantic!!hehe I love love love the 20s outfit -great shot of you missy!See you tomorrow

yer wan downstairs

5ft Inf said...

Love that first photo and the Leprechaun...he looks so lucky!
Have given you an award on my blog if you fancy it!

Sonia Luna said...

Hallo Dee!
I did a little write up about Lucy's Lounge on my blog, sorry the picture aren't that great! I will remedy that in the future, I'm in love with your shop and I'm sure I will visit again and again!

Anonymous said...

Fashionable and fun clothes always rocks no matter the era!

jaboopee said...

ps i forgot to mention you look very dapper as a flapper

Mise said...

'Lucy at the movies' is great! And that's good shopping music, pacy yet gentle. I've left so many shops because of the racket upsetting my delicate concentration. Swish outfits too!

Sandy said...

ahh great post and loved the video!!!

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Hi D: Great that you are still around! I know what you mean about being blogged out ... don't worry, we can wait. :)

Chrissy said...

Hey how about you??Hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer,all the best,Chrissy

jaboopee said...

swit swooooo THE IRISH TIMES darlllinggg!!!

loving your work sweetie ! mwaw mwaw !

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

Hi Dee,
Just to say that i continue to love your blog and that I've listed you on my site for a 'one lovely blog' award.
Hope you get many visitors from it.
Best Wishes

giorgio said...

Hiya Deirdre, you´re like the new Jenny Vander, love the stuff on the blog, I´ll buy the guy in the bath. xxxx Ben