look at what the cat dragged in!!!!!

have car will travel.

outfit no 100!!!

is anyone selling an airstream i'd really love one.


fire eaters.

oh my god is it really that long since I've being here.
I'm sorry for not leaving a note to tell you what was going on.
I'm back.
as you can see I'm not very reliable.
nothing was going on. i was in need of a holiday from blogging.
blogging is a funny thing.
for me i enjoy writing on here but some times i say who is interested in this,
am i being a self obsessed taking photos of myself and putting them on the world wide web.
so i had to take a break.

here's some things i did while i was away
there was a great festival in temple bar.
it was so lovely, a real local community event.

a valued customer.

this clown has a shop near me

mannix Flynn a Dublin curiosity.
Donal in awe!

Sharon organizer of the flea market and my hero
she's always doing really exciting things.

my stall was beside the cake stall I'm sure this was a punishment.
one cake is not enough.

amo feeding her mind.


this girl was my first customer,
they just got married.
she shared her luck with me and i had a great day.


jaboopee said...

so great to have you back, never ever leave us so long again EVER ,what an interesting colourful life your leading ,love your 100 outfit,and EVERYTHING ELSE, ps thanks very much for your admiring comments on my ass
welcome back mwah mwah

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Dee -- Wow! It's so wonderful to have you visiting SparkleMirror again... and to find the Lucy's Lounge blog is BACK! This is MAGNIFICENT!!
To the blog gods -- "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
There's just something intangibly and spellbindingly fascinating about LL's world. How I'd love to step out of New York through the photos and into your realm to meet you and all of these people. I really enjoy visiting LL. Thank you.
PS -- Everyone needs a break here and there from this time-consuming activity... you never need apologize... just return when you're ready. Otherwise you might one day feel too guilty to return. You are greatly appreciated.

Tia said...

Hi sweet Dee !!!! Oh wow , thankyou for sharing that wonderful festival, I ADORE the gold dress you are wearing at your stall !!! And is it somethin we did? I always used to end up beside the cake stall too when I did craft fairs...must be fate :0)
Did you get our postcard ? We thought of you everyday while on the beach , me and Aideen would take walks and talk about the clothes we will find/buy from you ! I will bring the photo album in when I visit ! Oh yes sometimes we all need a break , but dear friend we an never get enough photos of you and your smashing clothes ! Having a cupa n thinking of ya , love Tia and a kiss from Aideen xx

5ft Inf said...

Yey! Glad you're back!
I know what you mean about the oddness of blogging...it's a bit like school mums at the gates sometimes...anyway I like having a nosy at your life!

I_am_Tulsa said...

About time!!! LOL

that outfit number 100...breathtaking?!

Sandy said...

I get the same way about blogging and really didn't blog much this summer, decided to stay off the internet more than usual.

I like checking in here and seeing your shop and stuff..

Toast_Modern said...
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Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it