the electric picnic 09

the electric picnic is a large music and art festival in Ireland.
its on every first weekend in September.
this year i was on the guest list.
it is as nice to say 'guest list' as it is to be on it.
i suppose most of the enjoyment of being on a guest
list is telling everyone about it.
i didn't go for the weekend just for a day, on Sunday, and i really enjoyed myself
despite the usual downpours that accompanies the outdoor events
in Ireland.

if i ruled the world this is how it would look.
does any where look like these photos all the time
i would definitely move there.

the way in,.

a house mad from mud.

my favorite area.

junk art

post your wishes

the map of the site

amazing things

oh to have a little house or horse.

morning view.




fire man

oh my lady.



non toxic junk art

rob from non toxic

a craft persons hut

bull from rob

modern shrine

my heroine Sharon at her other venture.

she won a bridgestone award


jaboopee said...

thank you so much i don't feel like i'm missing out so much being a house hatcher! please bring that camera with you at all times and i need never leave the house again , it looks wild....did you not invite them all back to stay at yours....

its so so good to have you back

by the way i'm still sitting here by the phone !!;0)

nicedaydesigns said...

Oh that all looks fantastic. I was so disappointed we couldn't go this year! Great pics...I take it Body & Soul is you fav area

Aden Meyler said...

Dee, I love your pictures of Electric Picnic! I definitely want to go next year. I've never been, but my friend Sally has been at least 4 times I think. It looks like a great time, even in the rain. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Tia said...

Oh WOW Dee...yes if you and me both ruled the world :0) it looks amazing...great stuff...go recycling !!!!! aideen and me miss ya and will write and cupa tea, Tia xx

Sandy said...

I enjoyed all of these. Anything Irish is cool. My mom's dad was from ...darn, not sure it was Dublin area, but I have a lot of irish in me. My father was part Scotch and half irish I think.

Loved the photos.

illinois natural gas said...

I have enjoyed with all pictures every picture looking cool..

Toast_Modern said...

I miss that festival so much :/

I was only there three days but I feel like I've moved away from home!