internet gods

while the gods of the Internet are sleeping I'm
doing a little blogging. for the past week I've had no Internet.
and for no reason it has come back.
so hello everyone.
i am showing a few photos of me in new outfits
winter style as its got so cold here.

i bought this hat on etsy last week.
hand and homemade.
only the best will do.

an old outfit in a new way.
i bought this dress in Zara during the summer.
i love the color.

i bought the top in a shop called circus in Dublin
the skirt is from kilkenny design it has e99.99 on the tag
but was only e20.00 at Lucy's.

i had to show off these shoes 2 sizes too big but who cares
a flea market find.
only e 20.00
they have a red sheen in the sun.

this piece is in the botanic gardens.
i loved it.

this is part of the same series
it has magic in its name.

a dress on a tree.

beautiful lights.

a special thank you to Sharon a customer and friend who kindly
gifted me this beautiful ashtray.

i am afraid to write any more in case the broadband goes again.
so I'll see you next week when hopefully eircom will have fixed my line.


jaboopee said...

I've just sent a letter of complaint to the internet gods to claim compensation for the heartache caused to all in the blogsphere as a result of your absence ...
its lovely to see you again and you look smashing in All of your outfits , and conrad looks great pretending to be a lamp shade base in photo 1.the bots photos are fab too..i bet that was one of the best days of your life...! .your comments were beautiful and if you could bring me anywhere i would like to go to your mind,that would be an amazing adventure ,,please don't leave it so long in future..

verity lovely said...

i lllllllovvvvveeeee your shoes , i wonder would you get them in my size?

martello said...

You've got a wonderful place: it's really amazing. I'm now in Spain, but next time in Dublin -I have famiy there- I'll visit your shop. So nice.

jaboopee said...

yes, your predictions have come true, the gold bed has done the trick ,congratulations... you are to be an adoptee parent....

Sandy said...

Loved seeing the pics of you in the clothes and also the magical gardens. You know, I'm envious somewhat, I would love a great shop like you have.