more beauties

isn't it funny how life just goes on and on. its autumn now
Lucy's is 7 months old .
summer clothes has being replaced with winter woollies and coats.
here's some visitors to Lucy's for your perusal.

hannes who is a devil but really wants to be an angel....

a sight for sore eyes

lilac lady.

old friends


most patient customer in the world

everything this girl tried was so beautiful on her i took lots of photos.

as i said..

and more.

a lovely Spanish family. we danced through the shop to 50s music.

cup cake Saturday hosted and prepared by Aimee..


girls just wanna have fun.

i love her outfit.

Michelle starting her modelling career

praying for success

lovely hair.

my customers are getting younger and more pretty every day.


Tia said...

Hello dear friend...oh your posts are like a warm hug on this autumn day ! I am home alone ,Sean has taken the girls swimming, and I have homemade soup ,bread and cookies waiting for when they come in ,so am aking a "mammy moment" having a cuppa tea and a minute to look at blogs ! Thinking of you...cant wait to try and buy ;). hugs Tia xx

jaboopee said...

I hope you didn't eat all them cupcakes...i know you must have otherwise why didn't we get to see a picture of you in one of your gunas?

mise said...

Your working life seems such a ball. Do you get grouchy customers too?

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Looks like you are having the time of your life Dee! Go girl! Missed you and glad to have you back.

You are so right ... autumn all ready, for some weird reason autumn is my favourite time of the year. :)

nicedaydesigns said...

Hey Dee,
It looks like I'm going to be able to make it up to Dublin on Friday,will you be in the shop?

jaboopee said...

your not allowed be a recluse, you are my eyes and ears in the real world.
you are allowed eat cup cakes but only one at a time!

Sandy said...

YOu do have really pretty customers and that one girl who tried on so many, very pretty. But, gotta say, my favorite is lilac cute.

I watched the video again and enjoyed it.

Chrissy said...

Hey about you? So glad you came by,love this post..your a hoot!! All the best,Chrissy

Sonia Luna said...

Cupcakes?!? Is this a regular Saturday thing? Wonderful, now I know where to go to get my sugar fix!
Your costumers are a colourful, lovely bunch!
Yes, now my self imposed ban from shopping is over I will definitely venture into town for a visit!

Anonymous said...

Hey D!! Glad to see you're so busy. Miss seeing you. USA is good. Looking forward to leaf season. Miss you and the family. Holly

Lyndi said...

Hi Lucy:) Thanks so much for the comment - I like the dress too! Thats the first time I had the courage to wear it! Hope to see you soon, Lyndi **

Kweeva said...
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Kweeva said...

Everyone's so gorgeous! That last girl is just adorable.