enemy and hero

i have a very bad enemy it has been at my back all my life.
i have decided to out them.
my enemy is chocolate and sweets.
i have a severe addiction to them.
no matter what i do i can't escape.
i had comments lately about the lack of photos of myself in my outfits.
i have being wearing new styles however the photos are so bad of me
i don't have the courage to show them.
i look like the girl that ate all the cream buns.
this summer i have put on a stone.
its all down to them bloody sweets.
you see i don't smoke or drink, sweets are my little enjoyment.
its just got out of control one day you're eating one sweet
the next day its the whole box.
can anyone help me?

the chocolates are the worst.
from aldi called
seriously scrumptious lemon supreme
the rest are cheapo penny sweets from the e2 shop
they get you twice because they are such a bargain
and delicious.

now to my hero
i was in wexford last week and in a village called saltmills
lives one of my hero's in life
his name is Sean Finn.
he collects all the items in these photos.
anything steam driven or from steel.
he has about an acre of land full of what looks like junk.
to him are gems.
i always visit his place every time i go there.
i never had the nerve to talk to him
but that day i did and what a sweet heart he is.
its a wonderland.
people like him are true individuals.
they are few and far between they should be treasured.
i treasure Sean Finn. thank you


steam shovel

odds and ends

planer from sawmill

concrete truck

adrift in a sea of wonders

traction engine

Sean, collector extra-ordinaire

a good old fashioned tractor


mise said...

I once went a few years without chocolate because there was a kit-kat in the cupboard, so whenever I went shopping I didn't buy any chocolate because I already had chocolate, but I never liked the kit-kat enough to eat it. So it got thrown out when we moved.

jaboopee said...

dee, you ask the question 'can anybody help me?
well , I'm afraid the short answer is NO

...i will write back to you later with a longer answer.

jaboopee said...

now, for the longer answer....do you really think you need help? do you not think it is ok.... in fact ....ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to eat some chocolate , you know sex is a chocolate substitute ( some people get that the wrong way round) and furthermore i would ask you to take a look at this lovely picture and you will find that that person looks really lovely and proper skinny to boot and she should be allowed eat as much chocolate as she wants.
if you really do want to stop eating chocolate you could consider cutting off your hands and beseeching all around you to NEVER EVER feed you chocolate again, i hope this helps . your ever loving friend.elaine
ps Bet rory loves sean finn too .

I_am_Tulsa said...

Oh dear, I am going to have to agree with the comments above...
Do you really need to quit eating chocolate? and if you think yes, than you are just going to have to stop buying it...haaaa as terrible as that sounds...
you could try to slowly ease out of it...like start with a chocolate day twice a week, then cut back to once a week...and so on.
I only buy sweets once a month now but I give myself permission to eat some when I am outside like at a really nice cafe!
hope this helps....

all the best!

The Josie Baggley Company said...

I'm not going to pass comment on the tractor farmer stuff as you know how I feel about all that kind of thing!lol But with regards to your problem ...I can't help you as I have the same problem and cannot help myself! I am now only able to eat sweets & chocolate on 'the good side' as the other side succumbed to the daily barrage of acid and sugar & causes me great punishment. Bloody hell what will I do when the other side can't take it anymore?!

jaboopee said...

are you feeling fat because your feeling fat or just feeling fat but not feeling fat ?

love your new look and whats this about another blog!
i'm off to investigate

Kweeva said...

But you look amazing!

I don't think you need to deny yourself one of life's little pleasures.

I'm the same myself though; I just can't stop eating goodies (that is until they're all gone).

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

My weaknes is gooey cakes. I eat chocolate now and again ... darn it now I'm in the mood for a Fry's Cream ... yum yum.

You may just be feeling flat becuse you have hit your forties like me. I too am going through an identity crisis, but I'm not taking it out on chocolate no, no I am taking my frustrations out on men . You read my blog, you know better than most.lol

Maybe you just need a good girls night out, the scrap yard museum was good for your soul but a night out painting the town red will be good for your spirits. xxx

Kweeva said...

Also: your friend seems really great! His collection is fantastic.
I always pictured myself living somewhere like that in a few years; surrounded by all these amazing things I've found, with lots of colours and memories.

5ft Inf said...

drink tea when your tempted...that's my mother's answer, and it works for me and thickly buttered toast (my vice...well one of them).
Those things are amazing: rust is amazing..BUT that boat out of water...they're a phobia!

Anonymous said...

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