oh my goodness what a picture to start off this weeks blog.
as I'm a it shy to show off my full self.
i am showing bits.
so here's my new shoes from t k maxx.
perfectly pink for grey days.

on Sunday i went to wexford.
it is such a long time since I've being at the beach .
I'd forgotten how lovely it is.
nature take care off all our senses.


a cottage decorated by shells

shell cottage a life times work.
i believe you can rent it for holidays.
i know where I'm going next year.

me keeping out the cold.





rubbing shoulders with our glorious leaders.

on Wednesday night i had a great night .
i was invited to lots of different events.
the opening of the wax museum was one.
and i have some photos here.
i went to a great fashion show for the loft.
however my battery ran out on me and my camera!

welcome to my world

happy birthday

on Monday i did a market at
bank of Ireland collage green.
the sun kept shining and everyone
was happy

Darren a local tattooist.

Farrah helping out

setting up shop.


jaboopee said...

{you said you were high class ...well that was just a lie}

where to start? you have showed us so much of your beautiful your shoes and your eyes....who is that your rubbing shoulders with? hob nobbing with the hoi polloi ...

Tia said...

Oh Dee, I ADORE those pink shoes !!!! And all the wonderful pictures of my home county ! We are going to Wexford tomorrow for the night to visit my brother ,so I`ll be sure to bring the camera ;)
Ohhhh A market , now that woud be a GREAT day out ,and you were lucky with the weather ! Great photos , love ,love,love it xx

jaboopee said...

.....rock my brainy head ....

mise said...

i'm a bit sad that you didn't wear your lovely pink shoes at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee
Hope you got the little toys Dan left last Saturday. He was disappointed that you were not around - he fround the case of toys again and had a great time.
All the best
Orla & dan

The Josie Baggley Company said...

Greetings Deary! Won't you drop by to my Hallowe'en Party There are witches doing their rounds on this special virtual party. There's Tea & Cake ..wellmaybe not much cake left but there's Tea!

Wugs (witchy hugs) and a wish for you...
'May Magic Forever Rage Within Your Little Heart'


Dandelion Daydreams said...

I want to stay in that cottage too! Its amazing! x

sparklicous said...

hey dee. i'm having a birthday/fancy dress party tomorrow night in my apartment. would you like to come? i'm doing up the place like a shipwreck and dressing up as a zombie sailor/titanic victim. making the dress myself, well trying anyway. i'll see if i can pop in on sat anyway. :)

NiftyThriftyBeth said...

that cottage is so beautiful