something old, something new

a very Short entry this week as i have being working on a new idea.
lots of people come to Lucy's from far away.
people dropping by while on holidays.
some have asked have we an on line shop.
because of the mad bad opening hours
1-6 everyday.
some people find it difficult to get to the shop on time.
others just don't like to leave their house.
for you I've set up
it is just an experiment
i don't know if it will last
you know how changeable i am
but i will try.
oh discipline!

fairy Moe.

happy birthday on Wednesday

a proud man

oh Amanda i love you

to prove it I've put you in twice

look what i bought 10 yes 10 Halloween outfits!!!!!!!


jaboopee said...

whose a clever girl then?, a lucysloungeshop specially for me so i don't have to leave the house,,,i hope you do personal deliveries because the lucys experience has to have a dee in it...
and thanks for the happy birthday wishes...;0)
good luck and best wishes for your new endeavour.

mise said...

What a good idea, and good luck! None of us never want to leave the house; our scarves don't suit us and people might stare. That beautiful dress for going out is indeed beautiful.

Tia said...

Dee best of luck with the online are one amazing lady ! SO brilliant to see you and Rory today , sorry everyone was up in the air :) It was great to meet you in person , can`t wait to see you again...and always remember you are as welcome as the flowers in May in our little home, love always , Tia, Sean, Aideen and baby Daisy xx

Lilee said...

cool pics!

5ft Inf said...

Brilliant idea, and far more responsibility than I could ever cope with.Good luck!
Also love the beach pics...and John Major's hands!!! They look ready to claw or grab at something...maybe they melted Thatcher's hands onto him for a laugh, thinking no=one would notice...but your old long-lost friend certainly has!
There's a dog who resides in a kind of antiquey shop place near me, and the dogs name is (wait for it) Mrs Thatcher!!!
Crikey, I've gone off the point a bit havn't I?

jaboopee said...

you are you and you alone you cannot be anyone else you can only be you , , no one else can be you, love being you , you are uniquely you so you better get youst to it.