a treat at the end.

i bought the most beautiful headband from this girl.

Spanish visitor

you hit the jackpot again!

look at what i found

i bagged a bargain.

i love to shop with my stylist

friends forever

we are printing a fanzine for
Christmas all contributions great fully excepted.
poems, pictures, stories.

cool and the gang

lucky guy

London lady

this is Barbara's shop in Camden London

and last but by no means least..

get me the CHOCOLATE.


jaboopee said...

i'm still waiting for the treat at the end.....

and ps. " what's that floating in the water "

padded-shoulders said...

Hellooo I just picked up Dee's comment there on my profile? I'd absolutley love to write an article for the magazine (!!) and if you just tell me what you'd like it to be written about or whatever I can email it to you...my email address is on my blog so you can contact me there.


p.s Don't worry about payment I'm happy to do it for free :)

Tia said...

Hi Dee ,
Im not kidding you I actually thought at first that the first photo was a painting !!!!!!!
LOVE the bathtub , memories of childhood baths in front of the fire....
Aideen posted her articles to you yesterday for the fanzine, shes SO excited :0)

jaboopee said...

Just to clarify.....
"....what's that floating in the water....
oh neptune's only daughter"

mr.grieves by the pixies

rory is the picture of what neptunes only daughter would look like , reclining in a steel bath beside a white picket fence ...in your back garden

littlebit said...

!! LOL !! Love it (*note to self* if Dee ever asks me to buy her chocolate I will do so !!)

NiftyThriftyBeth said...

hey i would love to do an article for the magazine if you're looking for people!
Beth x


mise said...

i'm off to town
in a shabby old gown
in search of a gĂșna deas
something vintage,
beaded, skirted,
that flows with flounce and sass
i have chocolate for dee
in the hope that she
will have the very thing
by Chanel, Lacroix,
or other peeps
who design for the very thin
i'll stand and smile
and pose awhile
hoping she'll take a shot
of me to post right here so that
i'm famous and clicked on a lot

Holly said...

You have a brave man! He does know, right??

Pilgrim007 said...

Apparently this is what happens when you take clothes from the shoppe without paying for them. All you are left with is a beer and a smile! roy

Kweeva said...

Man in a tub! Yaay! =D

What's your favorite kind of chocolate, Dee? : 3

Sandy said...

hhahaha, love the last one but the two above that are so colorful.

littlemarymixup said...

"i love lucy"s lounge! whimsy wonderful! still learning how to get more action and pics in my blog world....i got to you via jaboopee who came to me via milkmoon....travelling the blog zone is my instant gratification travel to the places i love meeting new fun people who inspire!