each day brings new visitors and friends
to Lucy's.
i am amazed how friendly and nice people
Here's a selection of Lucy's visitors from all over the world.

mother and daughter

visiting from Sweden

retuning home to Finland

sweet couple

cure fan from spain

a great helper

new coat

California dreams


The Josie Baggley Company said...

well hello hello hello ! Great chatting yesterday! Turns out that I WILL be at the next Flea Market Nov 20th I think! But I'll be dropping in to shop before then & maybe I'll bring some sweets with me!

Tia said...

Hi Dee {BIG HUG}...from me and Aideen xx cant wait till you can put photos of yoru visitors from Maynooth on your blog ! Hopefully in the very near future !Have a nice day xx

jaboopee said...

I visited your shop during the week too ...
I cried and cried when they said you weren't there....
I left you a little present?
I hope you will be there the next time....otherwise the liffey will overflow with my tears.

mise said...

does the Duchess of Kent ever come in to the shop? it's just that i notice that you haven't included a photo of her.

padded-shoulders said...

Dee I emailed you an article on shopping there, I don't mind if you don't use it and good luck with the fanzine.


Sandy said...

I always enjoy seeing pics of your visitors and the shop! If I lived nearby I would definitely be shopping there.