november madness

you know the devil finds work for idle hands.
well after a quiet week at Lucy's
we all went a little nutty!

thanks to Michelle for all her kind contributions

i always feel like .
somebodies watching me.

when the sun shines.
I'll be ready.

I'm NOT getting the flu.

we love color.

the sinks blocked.

i love that coat.

is it safe to come out.

a bird in the .....

I'm leaving

great outfit

i see the light


Tia said...

Ohhhh Dee those pics with the mannequins head are SO funny and great ! You should do a photo competition in the shop , take a pic like that and get your customers to make up a caption...that`d be great fun and you have SO many creative people in and out of the shop you`d get great captions !

jaboopee said...

I hope you had plenty of chocolate with all that nutty...

I need to hear your voice.....where are you??

NiftyThriftyBeth said...

im really scared of that mannequin!

jaboopee said...

dee, are you there yet? , where are you? who are you with and why are you there ? ....

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Forgive me for not sensing the difference between nutty and delightfully quirky...
1. I always feel like someone's watching me too, I just never imagined it would be a curtain-patterned-cardboard bandit.
2. J'adore this Lucy's Lounge staff's taste in shades, though...
3. ... her taste in winter-wear is a bit iffy.
4. Gotta love Blue-Boy and The Emerald Cowgirl.
5. Guess saner heads didn't prevail here... she should have stayed away!
6. It must have been from LL
7. Yes, it's safe as long as the drain is already occupied.
8. You mean "a bush in the..." (hah, sorry)
9. You should've listened when Dee said "Heads will roll!"
10. Aren't they all, at LL?
11. I'm glad you got religion after your booting (and it seems you've stocked up on LL headgear).

Delightful post as usual!

Sonia Luna said...

Great Post!
Looks like you all are having tons of fun ... now get back to work!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Talking heads!?
Just my style...

mise said...

I'm worried that you're taking the time to write blog posts when you could be typesetting my lovely contribution to your fanzine on the front page with a tasteful purple border round it.

Sandy said...

ha, enjoyed all of these!

The Freakum Dress said...

i love love love the green coat !!

jaboopee said...

I am training her with the express intentions of meeting your exacting requirements as a mother-in-law . do you give discounts to your daughter in laws mother?