christmas customers

i really am a Christmas humbug.
although i love Christmas i haven't even put up any decorations.
i must put them up next week.
check out Lucy's shop for more photos fun.

i love this coat. color for grey days.

what style.

cool dude

this guy walked in. picked out this suit.
just looked at one thing and it was the one!



James bond girl.


Tia said...

TOTALLY agree Dee that girls coat is SO colourful and great for making ya feel warm on days like this ! Aideen has all your little gifts wrapped up for you...shes sorting National Geographic (kids) magazines to give to you for Conrad is that ok? They`ll be from the last year but well worth reading through...we are busy here making paper chains to hang up from old magazines....HUGS xx

jaboopee said...

I admire you greatly for not putting up your christmas decorations yet.....i am sick to death already of christmas ads and that stupid phone ad about the guy getting snow for his girlfriend , if i could just actually get his head ...i better not's a family blog......but let me tell you this, miss dee.....i'm fit to be tied....

ps i love your little cheeky girls over at lucys shop....

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Love the penguins behind the James Bond girl;)
I would love to find a cool outfit in this store!

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Hey D

First of all, I gotta say I love your cable lighting... but, of course, I have these things running throughout my house (mine are from IKEA).

That colorful coat is definitely needed in our climes as well... gloooooomy, it is, around here.

But, hands down, Derbhla wins my vote... I'm in love with her fashion sense... couldn't put it into words, it just sparks my heart.

I'm off now to check out your shop.
David *

Lyndi said...

hey dee:) thanks for stopping over at my blog & leaving a comment! been trying to use up my fabric scraps & coming up with different projects is exciting... next is the turn of the laptop sleeve - hope it turns out nice!!! will hopefully see you in the shop before xmas, hope all is good... lyndi**

Anonymous said...

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