blogs revenge

my blogs are really cross with me.
i decided to finish my lucyslounge shop one.
of course they weren't happy about.
so they sabotaged my post for today and rather than the post
being on the blog i want its on the other one.

I'm sorry lucysloungeshop blog. we have to end, its me not you.

to see this weeks post please click here


jaboopee said...

any dose of dee
is a good dose of dee
so wherever you may be
i will follow thee

i guess lucyloungeshop wants to go out with a bang and what a brillant last hurrah it is....genius idea of bringing the clothes out for a little walk

YOU are a genius.

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Keep up the good work ... You will get there in the end. I know that having two blogs is twice the work. So I now have the one. Good luck Dee. xx

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Very good idea, indeed!
One blog in the hand is worth...

Well, let me put it more creatively...

I may seem sorry
to see you go
but I'm really quite happy
for now I know
that your spirit is flying
from this blog here
to an happier place
through the blogosphere;
And I've changed your listing
on "Sparkling Gems"
to direct all Sparklers
from sterns to stems
to the new place rising
with consummate aim
landing on the "new" Lounge
of Fortune and Fame!

See you on the "Other Side"

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