party dress and christmas gifts

its the season to be jolly and over the last week Lucy's has
had lots of happy customers.

the party, party dress.

who's Eddie?

Thursday lunch at Lucy's special guests
fairy mo, Ger and Sean.

john Keats reciting ode to a nightingale.
at our baking evening hosted by Oscar

Japanese influences

skirt in keeping with the Christmas spirit from Siobhan

the following photos were taken on our gift wear day out
all by Michelle


mise said...

I think you should open a little café in the premises, just serving chocolate brownies and fancy teas or whatever shopping ladies have, and call it Lucy's Lunch. William Butler Yeats would go there.

Sonia Luna said...

I love the gold dress in the first picture!
You mentioned photo-shoots on your other blog, I have a few ideas and would love to do a photo-shoot for Lucy's Lounge!
If I don't see you before Christmas have a great one, lots of love and good things to you and all your family!

P.S. I bought a pair of boots in your shop ... they are perfect, I'm so happy!

jaboopee said...

you really do have the most stylish customers...and you look like a very stylish proprietress toooooo

ps who IS Eddie????

Anonymous said...

Oh god... I just felt a wave of Homesickness wash over me looking at these... And I'm sitting here in Dublin. I guess I'll never leave this town, will I? XS