happy christmas

i have being very camera shy over the last few months
so to end the year here's 2 photos of me.
love hugs and kisses to everyone
over Christmas and i hope Santa is good.
best wishes from all of us at Lucy's

my favorite outfit of 'o9
a Vivien west wood coat i treated myself to the last time i was in London.

happy Christmas from the cooking monster in cafe irie.

kisses from Tia in sesi

a big smile from ailbhe.

best wishes from our face book organizer.

our one Christmas customer wrestling with his new jacket.

Saturday hostess, photographer, tidy-upper, and sign maker.

who ownes those legs?

frecko our very cold sign holder.


Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Happy christmas D! Love the tree! :)x

jaboopee said...

oh miss lucy/dee ,its so good to see you again ,your a a christmas delight and you are the angel that should be on top of that gorgeous christmas tree.... I wish to wish you and all who reside with you the best christmas you've ever had...EVER..
and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blogging loveliness and comments and all the lovely times we've had this year .
Roll on next year....

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

Merry Christmas Lucy! Love the Vivienne Westwood ensemble, don't you look just fab!
Best Wishes for the New year to you and yours xxx

mise said...

Happy Xmas, Dee! May you and Lucy's thrive and the frivolity roll on.

nicedaydesigns said...

Happy Christmas Dee, I hope you have a lovely day. Sorry I haven't been in touch I'll email you in the new year. Things were really mad busy in the run up to Christmas.

Tia said...

HAPPY CHRISTMAS DEE xxxxxx CAN`t wait for your visit to our cottage , where we have gifts and tea ready and waiting , plus lots of hugs: Tia, Sean, Aideen and Daisy xx

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Best of luck Dee for 2010 xxx Hope Lucy's Lounge in Dublin goes from strength to strength! xxx

silent storyteller said...

Thank you for visiting my blog... your shop is very tempting I will visit you soon!! Happy New year

David Lorell said...

Nice treat, Dee. Thanks for including the two photos of you, and for sharing your delightfully quirky and endearing photos through '09. Looking forward to seeing what's up your proverbial sleeve in '10.
I wish you and...
-Cooking Monster
-Phantom Legs
-Frecko the Sign Holder (love the sign)
-Mo, Ger, Sean
-John Keats
-James Bond Girl
-Mannequin Head
-Cure Fan
-Cool (and the Gang)
-Lucky Guy
-London Lady
-Long Beard Bathtub Guy
-Cheeky Girls
-Jim lad
-Dale (and Sis)
-Oscar (chef extraordinaire)
-Shy Girl and Funny Boy
-Three Beauties
-Moe, the Hunting Fairy
-Proud Man
-Darren the Tatt Guy
(Taking a big breath...)
-And all of the other delightful cast of characters from
Lucy's Lounge over the past year...
New Year

jaboopee said...

now what did i tell YOU about YOU.....If your me then can i have that vivenne westwood coat....

the lemonade girl said...

ooooohhh my darling girl, you look so over the top divine in your Vivienne Westwood coat......ive moved my blog world. thelemonadegirl.blogspot.com