a new year

welcome to 20010.
what a great start its has being.
Lucy's is closed for the past few days due to the weather.
it will open on Saturday.

here's a selection of coats
on sale at half price.

sticker graffiti artists
using Lucy's lounge as information to fill
in this form.
on the pole outside our shop.
quote amusing.
thank you whoever did it..
drop by and say hello

a selection of dresses above my bed.

Kelly helping out at Lucy's

cold and afraid....boo....

beautiful happy couple.

what a dress.

a motto for life...perhaps.


mise said...

That red velvet coat is beautiful
and I think it would help me with the competence of my swimming
though I would ensure no saltwater splashes.
May Lucy's have a tremendous year.

jaboopee said...

not only am i a competent swimmer i am also a qualified life guard AND i look like pamela anderson.....do you wish you were me????

Tia said...

hello DEE ! you`ve been on our minds with this weather we were wondering if you were doing ok ? We cant wait for your visit to the cottage !!!!! Oh Dee , see that Victorian style dress , what size is it ? Seans asked me to re-marry him and that dress is teh dress of my dreams !
Hugs to you for this snowy weather Tia AND Aideen xx

Aden Meyler said...

Happy New Year 2010, Dee! Hope it warms up soon!

jaboopee said...

dee dee , if you ask david who he is i betya he'll know ,,,,,if you click on the who in ray who in the post you'll see who he is ....but i've a sneaky suspicion it still won't mean anything to you.....
please ring me now and tell me about your life .....

The Josie Baggley Company said...

Hiya Dee! Hope the New Year is going well for you so far!
Oh good gawd I ate so much over Christmas -nothing fits me! -have to go shopping soon in Lucy's.

jaboopee said...

valium or not....you HAVE to answer the question!!!!
ps can i have some

Cnimhao said...

That beautiful red velvet coat has caused me to melt!

Aww it's all looking great. I'll have to call in for lunch soon. =]

Caoimhe. XX